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The following 12 groups were selected as finalists during the process.

  • Shannon Doocy (IH, EHE, SAIS): Reducing Hunger and Building Resilience in Disaster-Affected Communities
  • Johnathon Ehsani (HPM, EHE, EPI): Leading Policy Development for Safe, Equitable, Clean, and Healthy Urban Mobility
  • Joseph Gallo (MH, EPI, HPM, SOM, KKI): Prevention of Depression Among Persons with Medical Comorbidity Across the Life Course
  • Anthony Leung (BMB, MMI, IH, BIO, SOM): From Bedside to Bench to Public Health: Tackling One Virus Family at a Time
  • Kirsten Koehler (EHE, MH, HPM, HBS, KSAS, SOM): Waking up to Climate Change: White Roofs, Sleep, and Health in the City
  • Keith West (IH, EHE, SOM): Plasma Proteomics: A Basic Approach to Reveal, Target, and Prevent Hidden Hunger and Malnutrition in Low Income Societies
  • Kristin Mmari (PFRH, EPI, MH, EHE): How Can Greening Vacant Lots Improve Health Disparities?
  • William Moss (EPI, EHE, IH): The Magic Wand: Point-of-Contact Tools for Equitable Vaccination
  • Ligia Paina (IH, EPI, PFRH): Transforming Health Systems in Secondary Cities to Enhance Equity Among Vulnerable and Poor Urban Populations
  • Anita Shet (IH, EHE, EPI, KSAS): Space, Population, Infection, and Transmission (SPIT - Dengue): Getting Ahead of Dengue Epidemics
  • Anthony So (IH, MMI, EHE, SOM): TAPER: Targeting Actions to Prevent Environmental Resistance
  • Melissa Walls (IH, HBS): Translating Mixed-Methods Research to Drive Rapid Responses to Drug Use Inequities with Indigenous Communities