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Ongoing Priorities

To continue to realize the power of partnerships, we will focus on the following efforts: 

  • Woman consulting with another woman.
    Creating a library of best practices for working effectively in Baltimore and identifying mechanisms to advance these best practices across the School. 
  • Growing and developing major strategic initiatives with Baltimore in coordination with the City Health Department’s Chief Health Policy Officer and Chief Epidemiologist. 
  • Working on the successful implementation of the Innovation Fund for Community Safety with the University’s Office of Economic Development.  
  • Support rebuilding of the U.S. public health system through practice, research, and advocacy efforts to advance interoperable and timely data systems; workforce diversity, training, and mental health support; and modernized laws and statutes that ensure that public health responsibilities and authorities remain intact and protected. 
  • Advancing partnerships for policy change in the Bloomberg American Health Initiative focus areas: addiction and overdose, violence, obesity and the food system, environmental challenges, and adolescent health. In the coming years, the Initiative will seek to expand its engagement in collaborative work across the country. 
  • Executing on the Johns Hopkins India Institute’s five-year strategic plan for research and practice, and education and training activities. The leadership team will promote research through increased access to funding and reduced administrative barriers. It will also facilitate student access to scholarships and mentorship opportunities. The Institute will use current centers and projects to invest in new hubs to amplify these strengths and propel new ideas, as well as expand formal agreements with Indian universities, government, and other organizations to promote student exchange and research collaborations. It will also invest in strategic research and potential hubs in three domains that are likely to shape the future of health in India: noncommunicable diseases, climate change and environmental security, and biomedical engineering. 
  • Convening the international community of social scientists working on global health policy. The Alliance for a Healthier World will coordinate and provide research opportunities and host events that encourage interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and strategies.  
  • Creating a dynamic and welcoming environment as part of re-envisioning our East Baltimore campus. The new building will provide a door to the community that will naturally extend our partnerships both here in Baltimore and around the globe.