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Health Advisory Board

Board Members

2023/2024 Board Members

Robert J. Abernethy, '62 (University Trustee Emeritus)
Ashok Agarwal, MPH '84
Christopher Anzalone
Kelvin A. Baggett, MD, MPH '05
Suprotik (Protik) Basu, MHS '02 (Chair)
Marion Bergman, MD
Joseph A. Boystak, MHS '77
Constance R. Caplan, MA '78 (University Trustee Emeritus)
Robert W. (Bob) Carr, MD, MPH '86, FACPM
William C. (Bill) Clarke III
Brian D. Crawford, PhD '82
William Flumenbaum
Irene C. Frary, MBA
Douglass B. Given, MD
Randolph (Randy) Gordon, MD, MPH '88
Dave Hickey
Margaret Conn Himelfarb, MPH '04
Pamela Hoehn-Saric
ée M. Haswell Johnson, JD
Christopher I.M. Jones
Sister Charlotte R. Kerr, RN, BSN, MPH (Member Ex Officio)
Michael J. Klag, MD, MPH '87 (Dean Emeritus)
Michael Kullman
Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD '98
​​​​​​Deborah Levy, PhD 97, MPH
Kathleen Ludwig (Vice Chair)
Ellen J. Mackenzie, PhD '79, ScM '75 (Dean)
Stephen G. Moore, MD, MPH '93 (University Trustee)
Caroline Popper, MD, MPH '90
Karl P. Ronn
Ira M. Rutkow, MD, PHD '81, MPH '78
Roberta L. Schwartz, PhD, MHS '94
Rodrigo A. Sierra, MBA
Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS '73 (Dean Emeritus)
Faith Thomas, JD
Andrea D. Willis, MD, MPH '99, FAAP

Emeritus Members

George L. Bunting, Jr. (University Trustee Emeritus)
Richard Danzinger
Catharine C. (Kit) Dorrier

Manfred Eggersdorfer, PhD 
Dean Goodermote 
Roger C. Lipitz
Edward J. Ludwig, MBA 
Thomas McCann
Shale D. Stiller, MLS '77 

Membership Guidelines

  1. The Board strives for a membership of approximately 40 members with rotating terms of three years each. No limit on the number of terms served.
  2. Former board members are kept on the mailing list and kept up-to-date on the School’s activities.
  3. The HAB Chair and the Dean, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, will make committee appointments. The current committees are Membership, Development, and Innovation & Commercialization committees. Members may request which committee they prefer to serve on and may serve on more than one committee.