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Staff Assembly

A new Staff Assembly is in the planning stages with the goal of establishing the inaugural Assembly by January 2022.

In the spirit of shared governance, the Assembly recognizes the importance of staff contributions to the School, and will foster greater multilateral communication between staff and the School’s faculty, students and administration.

The goals of the Assembly include fostering a climate that supports staff participation in deliberations and decisions affecting not only the professional concerns of staff but also the overall well-being of our School and community.

Role and Composition of the Council

The Assembly will represent the interests of all exempt and non-exempt JHSPH staff employees (excluding faculty and deans) and consist of 33 representatives from each of the 10 academic departments as well as the offices of: Finance, Facilities Management, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, External Affairs, and Information Technology and other interest groups expressing advocacy. The Council will also include ex officio members from the Dean’s Office and Human Resources.

Elected leadership of the Council will sit as members of the School’s Committee of the Whole (COW) which serves as a forum for discussing and debating academic and administrative issues related to the School and its policies. They will also meet with the Dean and Executive Vice Dean for Finance and Administration on a quarterly basis and more frequently as needed. The School will provide the Council with an annual budget to support its activities.

Planning Committee

A planning committee is currently fleshing out policies and procedures for the Council, including those pertaining to (1) its overall goals and objectives; (2) the composition and selection of its members, officers, standing committees; (3) frequency of and agenda-setting for Council meetings; and (4) developing by-laws on rules of engagement, structure of the Assembly and policies and procedures for elections. The development of policies and procedures for the Council will adhere to the school’s core values of inclusion, diversity, anti-racism and equity.