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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of the Bloomberg School of Public Health formalizes faculty contribution to the governance and development of the School and the University. It provides a mechanism for formal communication among faculty, students, and administration.


Each department has two or three faculty senators, depending on the size of the department, for a total of 29 senators across the School. Scientist and professorial faculty can be senators. Department faculty vote each year to elect their senators, each of whom serves a 2-year term. Elections are staggered within departments.

The Senate is led by a team of 3, who serve for a 3 year-term: President-elect, President, and Past-President. Senate president-elect is determined by an annual vote open to all school faculty.

The Student Assembly President is invited to Faculty Senate meetings.


The Faculty Senate raises and discusses issues pertinent to School faculty and serves as a communication conduit between departments and School leadership. Senate leadership provide a faculty voice and vote in leadership meetings: Advisory Board, Committee on Finance, Committee of the Whole, Leadership Retreats. The body serves as a faculty ‘sounding board’ for emergent issues and policy proposals from the School and University, and the cross-disciplinary nature of the Senate allows for consideration of issues across departments.


The Senate meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 12:15. Meetings are open to all faculty. Meeting minutes are available at Departmental faculty are encouraged to reach out to their senators or Senate leadership about issues of concern.