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Student Assembly

The Student Assembly represents, preserves, and promotes the interests of all students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Students have a voice at the Bloomberg School. The Student Assembly ensures that voice is heard by the School’s leadership and that it informs decision making, shapes strategic planning, and influences student quality of life. 

From issues of diversity and equity to recognizing exemplary staff to relaying sensitive concerns of students directly and anonymously to administrators, the Student Assembly advocates for students and the issues students care about. It also helps students enjoy balanced lives at the School by creating opportunities for social connection, community involvement, and fun.

The members and elected leadership of the Student Assembly strive to:

  • Protect the rights of students at the Bloomberg School
  • Formulate policies and regulations on behalf of students
  • Represent students by electing or appointing student representatives to Bloomberg School committees
  • Offer educational and intellectual opportunities that enrich student life by providing a forum for student expression and communication
  • Act as a liaison between student groups and Bloomberg School administration
  • Coordinate extracurricular activities that improve the balance and quality of student life


Student Groups

The Student Assembly provides formal liaison and sponsorship for official student groups at the School.

  • Explore some of the diverse student groups that are active at the Bloomberg School 
  • Get information on starting a student group and getting funding
  • Learn about how student groups can fund special projects through Student Assembly Community Affairs Project Grants
Activities and Events

Throughout the year, the Student Assembly sponsors events and activities that bring students together for fun and community.

Taking a break from academic work, connecting with other students, practicing self-care, and simply enjoying life in Baltimore are all vital to a balanced and happy experience at the Bloomberg School. From happy hours, parties, and social events to professional networking and community outreach opportunities, the Student Assembly is committed to enriching the student experience at the School.

The Student Assembly is committed to providing access to resources that supports student well being, perspectives, and priorities.

Here are a few topics to explore.

Self-care for Students

Resources for Mobilizing Change

Connect with Us

The Student Assembly welcomes all comments, suggestions, and inquiries.

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