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Edyth Hull Schoenrich, MD, MPH

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Edyth Hull Schoenrich, MD, MPH ’71
1919 – 2020

Jonathan D. Krant, MD, FACP

Marietta, Ohio 01/12/2021 12:35:30 PM

I would like to share a brief remembrance of my friend and colleague Dr. Schoenrich. When I returned to Johns Hopkins from two years in Liberia as a Peace Corps volunteer after college, I enrolled in the master of science program in tropical medicine at the JH School of Public Health. I was contemplating enrollment in medical school but had a strong public health inclination following two years of infectious disease epidemiology in West Africa.

Edyth and I spoke at length about changing my degree to an MPH, but it would have to wait until my graduation from medical school. “Do not be in such a hurry“ she explained, “you will have your degree in four years.” Naturally I made the pivot, satisfying the requirements for my MPH degree and receiving the document upon graduation from medical school in 1983.

Edyth always took the longer view, providing encouragement and guidance along the way. I will always be grateful for her vision and personal engagement, and I am pleased to offer this remembrance as former student and colleague.

Jonathan D. Krant, MD, MPH '83, FACP Section Chief Division of Rheumatology Marietta (Ohio) Health Systems

Victor B. Ibabao, MPH SPH'96

San Jose, California 01/12/2021 12:36:56 PM

Please accept my heartfelt condolence and fervent prayers for Dr. Edyth Schoenrich. I was an MPH student (1994-1995) during her active years at Johns Hopkins when Dr. Al Sommer was dean of the JH School of Public Health. May Dr. Edyth receive her just reward in life eternal in the hereafter. She will be and is greatly missed, especially her very bright disposition and smile.

Eternal Rest grant unto Your faithful servant and daughter, Dr. Edyth Schoenrich, O Lord. And may Your Perpetual Light shine upon her. May she rest in Your Eternal Peace, O God. Amen.

Please extend my heartfelt thanks to her family, friends, and colleagues for sharing her life with us and with so many Johns Hopkins alumni from around the world and for her life well lived.

With love, Victor B. Ibabao, MPH '96

Tatiana Carett

New York, NY 01/15/2021 05:30:16 PM

I am so saddened to hear of the loss of our beloved professor, mentor, physician, educator, administrator, and researcher, Dr. Edyth Schoenrich. I send my condolences to her family and her extended JHSPH family members who have also been impacted by her passing. 

I was at the Bloomberg School of Public Health as an MPH/MBA student from 2009 through 2011. The first time I met Dr. Schoenrich was at a celebration of her 90th birthday held at the the School in her honor, where various faculty, staff and students were present. There was a beautiful portrait of her hung by the hall of the main entrance of the School to commemorate that special occasion (here is a link to the portrait ) 

Later on, as the second term commenced, I was nervous about identifying a good topic for my MPH capstone project, and was not finding anything that interested me or that could be feasibly completed in the time allowed. I was confused and did not know how to narrow down my list. My MPH Capstone advisor told me to meet with Dr. Schoenrich, who would be able to provide guidance and more insights as to my topic of interest. I remember meeting with her in her office. It was amazing to see how much energy she had, and how she made time for all students. Her warm smile and calm tone made me feel at ease. She provided me with many great recommendations for additional resources. That was a crucial step in selecting a topic and completing the Capstone successfully. It was not until years after I graduated when I returned to JHSPH for the School's 100th year celebration that I had one last opportunity to see her. I am glad I had the chance to thank her personally for her support. 

I am honored to have met such a giant in the field of medicine and public health. Everyone should understand the greatness that she embodied. Amongst her many accomplishments (I do not have space to list them all!) these are the ones that most resonate with me: -She received her MD in 1947 from the University of Chicago, where she was one of only three women in a class of 75.

-In 1977, she was the first woman to be appointed to the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

-In 1977, she became the first female associate dean at Johns Hopkins University when the Bloomberg School named her associate dean for academic affairs, a position she held until 1986.

It was an honor to have known such an amazing pioneer in the field of public health, who was a trailblazer for women in the field, and who influenced countless generations of clinicians and public health providers. She is an inspiration to all of us. 

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this small remembrance of my brief interactions with her. 

Sincerely, Tatiana Carett, MPH/MBA '11, MA, PT

Paul Whong

Columbia 01/27/2021 02:07:45 PM

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Schoenrich for close to 20 years. She taught me so much. What a remarkable and wonderful person. She will be missed! Paul Whong, Director of Student Services and Academic Affairs, JHSPH

Rebecca Pickard

Baltimore, MD 01/28/2021 08:21:11 AM

I knew Dr. Schoenrich as a staff person for the Dean's Office and Al Sommer. I was always touched by her kind demeanor and genuine interest in all people regardless of status, position, or background—and inspired by her unfailing work ethic and energy. I have a picture of her with me when I was celebrating 10 years with Johns Hopkins which will always be a cherished memory. Rebecca Pickard, Editor, Center for Communication Programs