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Our Strategic Priorities

The Power of People

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Fuel creativity and ensure excellence in all we do by cultivating a diverse, inclusive and nurturing environment for students, faculty and staff.

The Bloomberg School stands out not just for the excellence of our teaching and research and our commitment to public health practice, but also for our collegial, supportive environment.

We invest in people and support their success. We believe that to ensure the continued excellence and impact of our work, we must recruit, retain and support a diverse body of students, faculty and staff who bring unique perspectives, talents and backgrounds to our mission of protecting health and saving lives. We must nurture and champion an inclusive environment that welcomes and respects people from across our society and encourages them to express different viewpoints, hold constructive debate and engage in the life and work of the School. We must acknowledge and address the deep-seated challenges students, faculty and staff from underrepresented or marginalized groups may face in the classroom, in the lab, in the field, on the job market and in the presentation and publishing of their work. We must also acknowledge the work needed to combat bias in all aspects of public health education, research and practice.

We are committed to taking these steps because we believe they are necessary for fueling creativity and ensuring excellence in all we do. The School has achieved some diversity, particularly in gender, but the makeup of our students, faculty and staff does not reflect the diversity of our community in terms of race, ethnicity, income and sexuality and gender identity. This is particularly true among our leadership. We aim to enhance representation across all levels of opportunity and power and become a leader of diversity and inclusion among our peer institutions. And as an institution dedicated to evidence-informed practice, we will lead the way in studying the value of diversity in public health and aim to exemplify best practices.

Hopkins is where opportunity, genius and the determination of faculty, students and staff meet to make great things happen.


 Janice Bowie, PhD ’97, MPH

Professor, Health, Behavior and Society

A climate of inclusion is deeply connected to a climate of wellness. Faculty, staff and students cannot achieve social and emotional wellness in a climate of discrimination or inequity. Conversely, a tangible feeling of inclusion and respect can reinforce social, emotional and even physical wellness. Given that wellness is critical to creativity and success of our people, this goal spans not only objectives of diversity and inclusion, but also physical, social and emotional wellness. To create a more supportive environment for all members of our School community, we will improve mentoring, training and development opportunities, financial support mechanisms, and mental and behavioral health and wellness programs.


To be an institution where people of all backgrounds can thrive, we will:

  • Cultivate and advance a climate of inclusion for all staff, students, faculty and visitors of the Bloomberg School, across race, socioeconomic background, gender and age, citizenship, religion, sexual identity and other characteristics that contribute to the diversity of our community.
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  • Increase recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff and leadership who come from diverse backgrounds, with special attention paid to underrepresented minorities and marginalized populations.
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  • Promote wellness and opportunity for all faculty, students and staff in an inclusive environment.
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2019-2023 Strategic Plan Cover


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