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Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Lindsay Litwin, MSPH '13

Graduation Year: 2013
Focus in Program: Reproductive, Perinatal and Women’s Health.
Current Position: Senior Officer, Innovations at Jhpiego.

Lindsay Litwin

What was your favorite academic experience? 

My favorite thing about JHSPH is the diversity of courses and practical opportunities offered through the school.  One of the most rewarding academic experiences was working with Dr. Heena Brahmbhatt and the research team at Rakai to draft my Master’s Essay.  It was surreal to have the experience of analyzing data from a research site that I had read about for years. Additionally, I really appreciated that many of the PopFam courses were discussion based and students were encouraged to delve into the data and form our own evidence-based perspectives on pressing public health issues.

Where was your field placement, if you had one during your program?

I did my placement at Pathfinder International in Boston, MA, as a coordinator for the Postabortion Care Consortium.

What was the topic of your Masters' Essay? 

The Impact of Availability and Use of PMTCT Services on Fertility Desires and Hormonal Contraceptive Use Among Women in Rakai, Uganda

How has your Masters' Degree contributed to your current line of work? 

My experience at in the PopFam department at JHSPH prepared me well for my career trajectory.  Within my first month at Jhpiego a maternal health expert shared a list of publications to read and I was pleasantly surprised that I had read most than 90% as part of my coursework.  Furthermore, I believe that some of the most valuable skills that I learned at JHPSH are quantitative and qualitatiave research methodologies and program evaluation.  I apply and refine these skills at Jhpiego in a variety of ways, including for co-designing research studies, conducting qualitative interviews, and engaging stakeholders in other countries in participatory program planning.