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Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Ginny Bowen, PhD ‘13, MHS ‘08

Graduation Year: 2013
Focus in Program: Reproductive, Perinatal, and Women’s Health
Current Position: Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, CDC

Ginny Bowen

What was your favorite academic experience?

Collecting my own dissertation data over the course of three trips to Ghana did more to improve my research ‘self-confidence’ and my post-doctoral marketability than most other experiences I had at Hopkins. It was wonderful to be a part of every phase of the research design, implementation and analysis. I hired and trained employees for the first time and entered my own data—by hand—more than once! That being said, a ‘favorite’ experience might be different than a ‘most valuable’ experience. Attending the 2011 International Conference of Family Planning in Senegal was probably one of my favorite academic experiences. It’s both an honor and a great learning experience to present your own work and get feedback from ‘colleagues’ from around the world. It was also amazing to finally meet the people whose work I had been reading in academic journals for years.

What was the topic of your thesis?

“Supply- and Demand-Side Factors Affecting Contraception and Abortion Decisions in Accra, Ghana”