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Maryland School Wellness Partnership - Current Projects

Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project (MWPPP)

About Us

The mission of the Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project (MWPPP) is to enhance opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity for Maryland students by helping schools and school systems create and implement comprehensive written wellness policies.

The MWPPP uses a continuous quality improvement model to enhance wellness policy implementation in schools throughout Maryland. The MWPP team uses the data from the biennial evaluation to develop and distribute county and state-level data reports. These reports outline system-level data and tailored evidence-based recommendations.

PFRH-Maryland Wellness School-Children at cafeteria


  • To evaluate the quality, strength, and comprehensiveness of written wellness policies
  • To evaluate the implementation of wellness policies at the school and system-level
  • To provide tailored technical assistance to schools and school systems to support wellness policy implementation
  • To evaluate the impact of wellness policy implementation on health and academic outcomes

Tools and Resources


The Team

PI: Erin Hager, PhD, Associate Professor