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Population and Health


Population and Health is by definition interdisciplinary. Our faculty cover the disciplines of public health, sociology, medicine, statistics, economics and epidemiology

  • Saifuddin Ahmed, PhD
    Professor: population and family health sciences, reproductive health, reproductive epidemiology, family planning and MCH care, complex population surveys
  • Philip Anglewicz, PhD
    Associate Professor: demography, family planning, survey methodology, migration in developing countries,
  • Stan Becker, PhD
    Professor: population and family health sciences, couples and reproductive health, reproductive health, data collection, developing countries, demographic methods
  • David Bishai, MD, PhD
    Professor: health economics, population economics, family economics, marriage, gender, paternity, infidelity, divorce, polygyny, orphans, adolescent health, vaccines, HIV, AIDS vaccine, tuberculosis, meningococcal disease, human papilloma virus, HPV, cervical cancer; health equity, disparities, Nepal, Uganda, injuries, road traffic accidents
  • Alison Gemmill, PhD, MPH, MA
    Assistant Professor: fertility and family planning, maternal, perinatal and reproductive health, life course and aging, demography
  • Duff Gillespie, PhD
    Professor: health policy, reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, child survival, equity, abortion, maternal health, research utilization
  • Stephane Helleringer, PhD
    Associate Professor: measurement and understanding the determinants of population health, sexual networks, HIV transmission, demographic measurement, low-income countries
  • Mary Elizabeth (ME) Hughes, PhD
    Associate Scientist: demography, sociology, family influences on health, social relationships and health, loneliness, life course approach to health, adults and older adults, demographic methods
  • Li Liu, PhD
    Assistant Professor: child cause of death, child mortality, maternal neonatal and child health intervention coverage, burden of disease, population and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, health information system, methods to conduct and analyze large population surveys, and mHealth
  • Scott Radloff, PhD
    Senior Scientist: family planning and reproductive health, fertility transition, demographic dividend, survey data collection
  • Courtland Robinson, PhD
    Associate Professor: sexual and reproductive health needs and risks of very young adolescents (10-14) in humanitarian contexts; unaccompanied and separated children in emergencies
  • Amy Tsui, PhD
    Professor, Senior Scholar Gates Institute: population, fertility, family planning, reproductive health
  • Linnea A. Zimmerman, PhD
    Assistant Professor: Fertility and family planning, reproductive health