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Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism and Equity (IDARE)

The PFRH Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism and Equity (IDARE) Committee has been charged with providing guidance in elevating a culture that values and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion within the department

Committee Members

Saifuddin Ahmed – Professor 

Vira David Rivera - Communications Officer II

Quiana Lewis – PhD Student

Beth Marshall – Assistant Scientist

Terri Powell – Associate Professor (Vice Chair, IDARE)


A department that values and upholds inclusive, diverse, anti-racist and equitable practices and policies; where all students, staff, and faculty feel safe, supported, and accountable to each other.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. People: Uphold a culture of respectful, transparent student, staff and faculty relationships
  2. People: Ensure equitable recruitment, hiring, and retention  
  3. Education: Ensure PFRH academic standards and curriculum are reflective of IDARE vision. 
  4. Science: Communicate the value of IDARE principles in our research and practice

Collaboration to Create a Safe & Supportive Environment

Learning together brings responsibility to engage in meaningful dialogue. Students, staff and faculty are asked to:

  • Share knowledge, comments, feedback and opinions in ways that respect varied perspectives
  • Listen to others with an open mind and to be willing to understand others’ points of view
  • Create space for others to express ideas with active listening, questions, and silence

Effective communication may mean allowing others to have ideas that differ from one's own. Students, staff and faculty are asked to:

  • Respectfully acknowledge differences, rather than cutting off conversation or pushing a point
  • Recognize that sometimes agreeing to disagree is appropriate
  • Find an overarching goal or principle on which there is agreement

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