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Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health


  • Donna Strobino, PhD – Lead Maternal, Fetal and Perinatal Health Area of Interest
    Professor: population, family, and reproductive health, perinatal and infant mortality and morbidity, demography, health programs and policies for women and children, women's health, maternal depression, disadvantaged women, racial disparities in health
  • Saifuddin Ahmed, MBBS, PhD
    Professor: population and family health sciences, reproductive health, reproductive epidemiology, family planning and MCH care, complex population surveys
  • Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor
  • Janet DiPietro, PhD
    Professor: developmental psychology, fetus, infant, child, psychophysiology
  • Pamela Donohue, PA, ScD, MS
    Associate Professor: preterm birth/low birth weight, obstetric risk, newborn health, infant mortality, family health, systems of perinatal care
  • Alison Gemmill, PhD, MPH, MA
    Assistant Professor: fertility and family planning, maternal, perinatal and reproductive health, life course and aging, demography
  • Susan Gross, PhD, MPH, RDN
    Associate Scientist: nutrition, young child nutrition; postpartum weight retention; children with special health care needs; eating disorders; school-aged children; breastfeeding; obesity; body image; Special Supplementary Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), food insecurity
  • David Paige, MD, MPH
  • Xiaobin Wang, MD, ScD, MPH
    Zanvyl Krieger Professor: maternal preconception and prenatal health and environmental exposures, birth outcomes, preterm birth, genetics, epigenetics