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Center for Human Nutrition


CHN Framework
Research in the Center for Human Nutrition

Research Foci

As depicted at left, our research spans the continuum of over- to under-nutrition and involves sites across low-, middle-, and high-income contexts.  Currently, faculty are working in the following thematic areas: 

  • Micronutrients in health
  • Child feeding, growth and development
  • Adolescent’s and women’s nutrition
  • Food systems and food security
  • Early-life nutrition and long-term health 
  • NCDs and obesity prevention 
  • Immune function and the microbiome
  • Policy and implementation

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Technical Expertise

The Center's core technical expertise includes:

  • Efficacy trials
  • Nutritional epidemiology
  • Implementation science in nutrition
  • Data synthesis and evidence generation  
  • Translational policy and programs
  • Laboratory methods and nutritional biomarkers

Other Components of the Center for Human Nutrition


The Center encompasses a multidisciplinary group of faculty from across the University.


The Center works with multiple organizations and research groups with similar interests and priorities in tackling complex issues in the fields of food and nutrition.

Micronutrient Laboratory

The Micronutrient Laboratory conducts specialized assays to determine the micronutrient status of vulnerable populations.