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Research and Practice

Centers and Research Groups

The Department is home to a number of centers and research groups that allow faculty from the Department, the University and the world to collaborate directly on specific global health issues. You can learn more about their work by visiting the websites listed below.

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative at JHSPH: Conducts research and development to inform the future design and delivery of mobile phone surveys in low- and middle-income country settings.
  • Center for Global Digital Health Innovation: Advances equitable access to healthcare through the use of evidence-driven, collaboratively developed, and responsibly implemented scaled digital innovations.
  • Center for Human Nutrition: Seeks to improve the public’s health through research, teaching, training, and advocacy focused on improving diets and the nutritional status of vulnerable populations.
  • Center for Humanitarian Health: Pursues new knowledge and disseminates this learning to save lives and reduce human suffering and other consequences of humanitarian emergencies and disasters.
  • Center for Indigenous Health: Works in partnership with tribal communities to design public health programs that raise the health status, self-sufficiency, and health leadership of Native people to the highest possible level.
  • Center for Immunization Research: Facilitates the development of new vaccines for infectious diseases of global importance.
  • Center for Implementation Research & Practice: Advances implementation science collaboration and academic offerings within the School of Public Health and serves as a bridge between the fields of public health research and practice. 
  • IDEA Initiative: The IDEA (Innovation + Design Enabling Access) Initiative seeks to foster innovation and the design of new technologies for greater health access and impact through a combination of research, policy work, and training.
  • The India Primary Health Care Support Initiative (IPSI):  Aims to strengthen primary health care systems in select states of India. 
  • Initiative to Advance Implementation Science in NutritionFacilitates the advancement of implementation science in the area of maternal, infant, and young child nutrition.
  • Institute for International Programs (IIP): Aims to improve the quality of information available to support public health policies and decision making in maternal and child health and nutrition. 
  • Institute for Vaccine Safety: Providing an independent assessment of vaccines and vaccine safety.
  • International Center for Maternal & Newborn Health: Promotes safe delivery and the optimal health of mothers and babies from conception through the most vulnerable weeks of life.
  • International Injury Research Unit (IIRU): Strives to identify effective solutions to the growing burden of injuries in low- and middle-income populations, influence public policy and practice, and advance the field of injury prevention throughout the world.
  • International Institute for Primary Health Care-Ethiopia: Disseminates information to low- and middle-income countries about Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program and Primary Health Care system to share how these programs' remarkable successes in improving health enabled Ethiopia to meet the Millennium Development Goals for health.
  • International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC): Accelerates global access to life-saving vaccines through development and implementation of evidence-based policies
  • Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative: Promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary vaccine research, education, and implementation efforts to improve health worldwide.
  • Mission Afghanistan 2030:  Bring together the JHU community to share and collaborate on research, evaluation, advocacy, and impact opportunities that can support health in Afghanistan.
  • SEE Change: The Self-Empowerment and Equity for Change (SEE Change) Initiative conducts international gender-informed research, evidence-based training, and support services that help entrepreneurs and employees build positive mental habits, realize their leadership potential, and achieve their personal and professional goals
  • Sight and Life Global Nutrition Research Institute: Directs its efforts to clarify the roles of vitamin A and other micronutrients in promoting maternal, fetal, infant, and child survival.