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International Health Diversity and Inclusion


The following is a list of select IDARE readings relevant for international health. If you would like to add a reading please email Rosemary Morgan (

For broader IDARE related readings, the Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Environmental Health and Engineering Department have compiled comprehensive lists of readings.




Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training 

Global health degrees: at what cost? 

Institutional Culture and Climate 
Using the COVID-19 pandemic to reimagine global health teaching in high-income countries

We Can Use The Pandemic To Reimagine Global Health Teaching 

Addressing power asymmetries in global health: Imperatives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

How (not) to write about global health

Decentering power in Health Policy and Systems Research: theorising from the margins

Teaching global health from the south: challenges and proposals

Health equity tourists: How white scholars are colonizing research on health disparities

Addressing power asymmetries in global health: Imperatives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

The coin model of privilege and critical allyship: implications for health


Fighting racism in schools of public health 

Moving towards anti-racist praxis in medicine 

Racism, the public health crisis we can no longer ignore

Seven things organisations should be doing to combat racism
and Seven more things organisations should be doing to combat racism 

What would it take for health promotion to take structural racism seriously? 

Equity The CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research: Centering equity in research, knowledge translation, and practice 


Decolonising global health in 2021: a roadmap to move from rhetoric to reform 

Decolonising global health: if not now, when? 

Decolonising global health: transnational research partnerships under the spotlight 
Global health is more than just ‘Public Health Somewhere Else’
Will global health survive its decolonisation? 

Rethinking Humanitarianism podcast: Decolonising aid
Decolonising global health in the time of COVID-19

Is it possible to decolonise global health institutions?

Dismantling Structural Discrimination in Global Health

Research collaboration and partnership Health research capacity development in low and middle income countries: reality or rhetoric? A systematic meta-narrative review of the qualitative literature
Stuck in the middle: a systematic review of authorship in collaborative health research in Africa, 2014–2016

Patterns of authorship on community health workers in low-and-middle-income countries: an analysis of publications (2012–2016)