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International Institute for Primary Health Care-Ethiopia

Leveraging Primary Health Care Systems for COVID-19

Free online course

Course launch date

September 30, 2021


The course is free for all. 


This course, updated and revised since its launch earlier this year, will impart knowledge and skills about how to apply primary health care principles to build capacity in outbreak response situations, emphasizing reflection and application in your own context. New content focuses on how Ethiopia has rolled out COVID-19 vaccines and also delves further into challenges and opportunities related to community engagement and vaccine hesitancy with examples from Ethiopia and across the African region. Don’t miss this opportunity to directly learn from leaders at Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health, the International Institute for Primary Health Care - Ethiopia, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Register for this course today! Please feel free to share this course offering to others, especially those who may be interested in building resilient primary health care systems to respond to COVID-19 and want to learn more about Ethiopia’s experiences with primary health care.
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