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Centers and Research Groups

Center for Human Nutrition

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The Center for Human Nutrition seeks to improve the public’s health through research, teaching, training and advocacy focused on improving diets and the nutritional status of vulnerable populations. With the Program in Human Nutrition in the Department of International Health at the Bloomberg School serving as its hub, the Center facilitates collaboration, exchange and communication among faculty, students and alumni within the Johns Hopkins community to advance nutritional science and dietetics in the pursuit of public health. Center-affiliated faculty and students conduct transdisciplinary epidemiological, behavioral, laboratory and intervention research to investigate roles of nutrition across the cell-to-society spectrum. Currently, faculty are working to improve dietary balance, diversity and sufficiency in urban and rural environs; prevent undernutrition, including micronutrient deficiencies, through complementary feeding, supplementation, food fortification and staple crop biofortification; improve infant, child and adolescent growth, body composition and development; prevent obesity, improve lung health and reduce other non-communicable diseases in impoverished societies globally and across America; delineate agriculture-to-nutrition pathways to improve food security in low- and middle-income countries; and discover and deploy advanced nutritional biomarkers for public health application. Linked to the Program in Human Nutrition, the Center supports graduate teaching and training of tomorrow’s leaders in public health, nutrition and dietetics.

The Center is also home to the Sight and Life Global Nutrition Research Institute and hosts the George G. Graham Lectureships. The Center has over 40 affiliated investigators, including 15 full-time faculty within the Program in Human Nutrition.