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Initiative to Advance Implementation Science in Nutrition

Student Investigators

The Initiative to Advance Implementation Science in Nutrition engages graduate students, including Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health doctoral and master's students, in order to support implementation research opportunities during their studies.

Audrey Buckland

Audrey Buckland, PhD candidate

Dissertation title: Formative research: Understanding how to reduce breastfeeding inequities among Latine families living in the U.S.-Mexico border region in Arizona 
Advisor: Kristen M. Hurley, PhD, MPH
Location: Arizona, USA

Masako Horino

Masako Horino, DrPH Candidate

Dissertation title: Piloting, Evaluating and Scaling-up Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation as an UNWRA Standard of Antenatal Care in Jordan
Advisor: Keith P. West, Jr, DrPH
Location: Jordan

Kate Spielman

Kate Spielman, PhD candidate

Dissertation title: Breastfeeding support and maternal breastfeeding decision-making and practices in Yucatán, Mexico
Advisor: Kristen M. Hurley, PhD, MPH
Location: Mexico


Shannon King

Shannon King, PhD '22

Dissertation title: Relations Between Antenatal Quality of Care and Iron Folic Acid Adherence: A Multi-country Study 
Advisor: Kristen M. Hurley, PHD, MPH
Location: Indonesia

Brigitta Szeibert

Brigitta Szeibert, MSPH-Dietitian Program '23

Capstone title: Primary Prevention of Micronutrient Deficiencies During Pregnancy in Low-Resource U.S. Settings
Advisor: Laura Caulfield, PhD
Practicum Preceptor: Colleen Delaney, PhD, RDN, Technical Director for US Program, The Vitamin Angel Alliance
Location: USA

Eugenia Chung

Eugenia Chung, MSPH '23

Capstone title: Designing Formative Research for the Introduction of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements in Cambodia
Advisor: Rebecca Heidkamp, PhD
Practicum Preceptor: Hou Kroeun, Helen Keller International, Cambodia
Location: Cambodia

Theresa Li, MSPH '23

Capstone title: Modeling the Impact of Increasing Coverage of Maternal and Child Evidence-based Nutrition Intervention in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Methods and Results
Advisor: Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, PhD
Practicum Preceptor: Kristen M Hurley, PhD, MPH 
Location: USA


Navya Sreeram, MSPH '23

Capstone title: Understanding the Landscape Towards Strengthening Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Interventions (MIYCN) in Nagaland, India
Advisor: Amanda Palmer, PhD
Practicum Preceptor: Ashutosh Mishra, MBBS, MPH, MS; Senior Regional Technical Director, Asia; The Vitamin Angel Alliance
Location: India