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Initiative to Advance Implementation Science in Nutrition

Our Publications

Below you will find a list of our most recent publications. 

Horino M, Habash R, Al-Khatib L, Hani T, Kraemer K, Hurley KM, West KP, Seita An (2023). Developing the Enabling Environment to Pilot, Evaluate and Scale-up Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation at United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Sight and Life.

Diese M, Mamboleo D, Bindamba B, Kamanda A, Tshiala B, Ntambue A, Mbala L, Kabena A, Russ M, Harvey Q, King SE, Hurley KM (2023). Exploratory Efforts to Distribute UNIMMAP Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sight and Life. June 2023

Ba A, Bennett N, Hyre A, Noguchi L, Winch P, Fox M, Hurley KM, King SE (2023). Co-designing in Mali: Formative Approach to Optimizing UNIMMAP MMS Uptake and Adherence. Sight and Life. June 2023

Dacius M, Marhone-Pierre J, Alfred C, King SE, Emerson J, Fox M, Harvey Q, Hurley KM (2023). An Assessment of Barriers and Enablers to Uptake and Adherence of UNIMMAP Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) for Pregnant Women in Haiti. Sight and Life.

Mishra A, Panicker A, Kroeun H, Jackson-de Graffenried M, Hoang NTD, Tran DT, Kleem R, Fox M, Harvey Q, King SE, Ajello C, Hurley KM (2023). Building an Enabling Environment for UNIMMAP MMS for Pregnant Women – Progress and Lessons Learned from Cambodia and Vietnam. Sight and Life.

Mishra A, Sareen N, Panicker A, Berma P, Menon S, Hurley KM, Ajello C, Fox M. Harvey Q (2023). Capturing Vitamin Angels' Exploratory Experiences with UNIMMAP-MMS in India. Sight and Life.

Hurley K. Achadi EL, Ajello C, Askari S, Bajoria M, Beesabathuni S, Harvey Q, Uddin Khan T, King S, Kraemer K, Santika O, Sumarmi S, Razak Thaha A, Black RE (2020). Prevention of child wasting in Asia: Possible role for multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy. Field Exchange. ENN.

Steets A, Ajello C, Dacius M, Diese M, Harvey Q, Santika O, Schiffer H, Hurley KM (2020). Experiences supporting the introduction and implementation of MMS for pregnant women globally. MMS Supplement. Sight and Life.

Ajello C, Harvey Q, Hurley KM, de Lange J, Laurén L (2020). An Open-Access Product Specification for Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) for Pregnant Women Based on the UNIMMAP Formula. MMS Supplement. Sight and Life.

Dacius M, King SE, Harvey Q, Ajello C, Marhone-Pierre J, Hurley KM (2020).  Ensuring Effective Implementation of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) for Pregnant Women in Haiti. MMS Supplement. Sight and Life.

King SE, Harvey Q, Dacius M, Marhone-Pierre J, Hurley KM (2020). Increasing Adherence to MMS among Pregnant Women in Haiti: Experiences using Sight and Life’s process for designing behavior change programs. Sight and Life.

Horino M, Bahar L, Al-Jadba G, Habash R, Seita A, West KP Jr.  Dietary inadequacy, micronutrient deficiencies, and approaches to preventing poor nutrition in the Gaza Strip.  Food and Nutrition Bulletin 2020; DOI: 10.1177/0379572120967819

Anggondowati T, Martha E, Rianty T, Amelia T, Imanhadi B, Kosasih N, Riyanti A, Nandiaty F, Rahmawati ND, Farsia L, Utomo B, Achadi EL, Santika O, Hasan M, Harmiko M, Hapsari KF, King S, Harvey Q, Fox M, Hurley KM (2023). Formative Research: Barriers and enablers for successful implementation of antenatal MMS in Indonesia. Sight and Life.