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The IDEA Initiative


Launched in 2016, the IDEA (Innovation + Design Enabling Access) Initiative based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health seeks to foster innovation and the design of new technologies for greater health access and impact through a combination of research, policy work, and training. It also collaborates with a variety of initiatives across Johns Hopkins University and beyond. A brief overview of the Program’s activities is provided in this video, and our working areas are outlined below.

Training the next generation

Training the Next Generation

The IDEA Initiative actively works to train the next generation of leaders to take on global health challenges. Featured here are some of the programs, workshops, events, and Public Health courses the IDEA Initiative has helped organize to further this goal. The IDEA Initiative also provides on a highly competitive basis research assistant positions, both during the academic year and summer sessions, teaching assistant opportunities, as well as mentorship through the Global Health Equity Scholars program.

Making Policy Change

The IDEA Initiative shapes public policy in key global health areas by conducting research, training next generation leaders and civil society, supporting intergovernmental and other policy processes, and organizing strategic convenings. Featured here are some of the policy positions we've taken, policy convenings we've held, and research we've carried out.

Anthony So

Advancing New Ideas

The IDEA Initiative seeks to advance new ideas, from accountability technologies to sustainable access, as well as approaches to re-engineer the value chain of bringing health technologies to those in need and to design for disruptive innovation.