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Technical Assistance

In addition to funding and supporting 3-5 local agency innovation projects targeting retention, HPRIL provides advice, assistance, and training to state and local WIC agencies carrying out FNS-funded WIC Special Project Grants for ongoing evaluation-related activities.

The purpose of the technical assistance is to assist the Special Projects to achieve their goals and objectives, ultimately assisting FNS to achieve its goal. 

What are examples of technical assistance provided by HPRIL?

The types of technical assistance available to Special Project grantees from HPRIL include: 

  • Fresh eyes on a protocol, report, or analysis plan
  • Help with generating next steps for agency given results of project
  • Defining key variables and ways to gather data from an MIS system
  • Trouble-shooting implementation and evaluation issues
  • Statistical analysis advice
  • Access to library resources
  • Manuscript, reports and stakeholder communication guidance
  • Support with disseminating results

How to request technical assistance

To Request Technical Assistance from HPRIL, please send an email to

What happens after I submit a request?

After you submit a request, you should hear from a member of the HPRIL team within 1-2 weeks.