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Cabarrus Health Alliance, NC

Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) serves roughly 3,000 participants. Data from 2014 to 2018 reveals a decline in participation across all categories, with children ages 1-4 representing the largest loss in number and second largest loss in percentage. One possible barrier leading children to drop out of WIC early is participant dissatisfaction with CHA’s open access same-day booking because of long hold times. 


Meet the Cabarrus Health Alliance HPRIL Team 

Pady Doroodchi Program Coordinator

Pady Doroodchi
Program Coordinator

Anna Thadani

Anna Thadani
WIC Director

Erin Shoe

Erin Shoe
Grant Supervisor

The innovative tool CHA implemented to improve child retention was a combined Online Appointment Scheduling (OAS) and queue management device called QLess. It was available by smartphone and/or computer and allowed participants to make appointments and send text reminders. This tool assisted with appointment waiting times by facilitating easy, immediate, and reliable access to WIC services.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the QLess Online Scheduling platform, CHA WIC utilized a quasi-experimental design. CHA was the intervention group, while Catawba WIC, a nearby agency with a similar caseload and participant demographics, was the comparison site.

The outcome evaluation answered the question, “Did the QLess Online Scheduling platform contribute to improved retention rates of children and did QLess lead to a positive change in the overall volume of appointments booked and kept?”

To learn more about Cabarrus Health Alliance’s HPRIL project, please contact Pady Doroodchi at



CHA Online booking screenshot
CHA Online booking screenshot
CHA Online booking screenshot

Cabarrus Health Alliance QLESS Online Booking System 

CHA Appointment Scheduling Flyer

Appointment Scheduling Flyer