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Postdoctoral Training Program

Our Postdoctoral Program

The postdoctoral fellowship program provides concentrated training with individual faculty from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. BMB offers postdoctoral opportunities in research areas including cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, structural biology, enzymology, molecular biophysics, molecular endocrinology, chemical biology, epigenetics, post-translational modifications, inflammation, stress response, and cancer biology.

BMB provides postdocs training and mentoring outside of the lab as well, including a monthly Postdoc Club with events such as panel discussions on different career paths and workshops to prepare and practice chalk talks. The faculty postdoc lead, Anthony K. L. Leung, holds a weekly office hour for postdocs to discuss topics including careers, networking, postdoc benefits, and resources.

Resources Beyond the Department

Postdoctoral fellows also have access to a range of programs and resources beyond the department, including the Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association. For more information, please visit the School of Public Health’s postdoctoral training page, where you’ll find more information about our postdoctoral community and related links, including the current Guidebook for Postdoctoral Fellows with detailed information about the benefits, services and policies for postdoctoral fellows. The Johns Hopkins Office of the Provost’s prospective postdocs page includes information and resources such as housing.

Finding a Postdoctoral Position

The School’s postdoctoral training page has a list of available postdoctoral positions. Many positions are not advertised, so if you are interested in a conducting research in a lab that does not have a position advertised, contact the BMB faculty member directly. For further details about how postdoctoral appointments are made, check out the Process for Appointing Postdoctoral Fellows.