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Distinguished Lectureships

Roger M. Herriott Memorial Lectures

Roger M. Herriott

Roger M. Herriot became chair of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department in 1948. His arrival sparked the first investigations of nucleic acids at Johns Hopkins, and his research in the Department focused on basic virology, photoreactivation repair of DNA damaged with ultraviolet light, mutagenesis, and genetic transformation of cells by exogenous DNA.

January 21, 2011
Elaine Fuchs
The Rockefeller University
"Skin Stem Cells in Morphogenesis and Cancer"

Susan L. Lindquist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Prions: One Surprise after Another"

Paul Modrich
Duke University
"Mechanisms of DNA Mismatch Repair"

Alan R. Fersht
Cambridge University
"Mechanism of GroEl-GroEs Mediated Protein Folding"

Thomas R. Cech
Cambridge University
"Mechanism & Structure of an RNA Enzyme"

I. Robert Lehman
Stanford University
"Enzymes of Eukaryotic DNA Replication"

Alexander Rich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Z-DNA and the Regulation of Gene Expression"

John Cairns
Harvard University
"Molecular Biology of Human Carcinogenesis"

Herbert W. Boyer
University of California, San Francisco
"Genetic Engineering in Biomedical Sciences"