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Annual Awards

Frederik Bang Award

This annual cash award was established in 1982 in memory of Frederik B. Bang, PhD, chair of the Department of Pathobiology from 1953 to 1981, to recognize a student from any department of the Bloomberg School who has passed his or her preliminary oral examination and is engaged in doctoral research on a topic relevant to pathobiology.

Selection of a winner is made by a special committee and is based on the scientific merit of the student applicant's research topic. The committee consists of two faculty members from the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, and a faculty member from another department in the School. Applications are due in March of each year, and applicants may be interviewed by the committee.

The recipient presents a departmental seminar at the conclusion of their research.

The recipients of the Frederik Bang Award in the BMB Department are:

Beejan Asady (Coppens lab) 
​​​​​​​Megan Wood (Cihakova) 

Adriano Franco (Sullivan lab) 
Hannah Kalinoski (Cihakova lab) 
Madhura Kulkarni (Hardwick lab) 

Gloria Marino (Weeraratna lab)

Christine Lee (Matunis lab)

Eric Simko (Wang lab)

Brian Roelofs (Hardwick lab)

Caelin Potts (Matunis lab)

Heather Newman (Matunis lab)

Jianmei Zhu (Matunis lab)

Jolyn Gisselberg (Prigge lab)