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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Make a Gift

Members of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health share a common goal: to identify and characterize the fundamental biological processes that underlie health and disease.

In pursuit of this goal, our faculty, staff scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and students pursue research to make discoveries in areas including genome integrity, cancer, aging, neurological disorders, fertility, and stress response. Our department is also committed to preparing the next generation of highly successful researchers and professionals through our degree programs and postdoctoral training.

While much of our research is funded by federal grants, private gifts are particularly valued because they typically allow more flexibility to pursue exciting, high-risk studies with a high potential payoff. Private gifts can also support our training programs, for example through sponsoring awards and scholarships or funding tuition and facilities for students.

To make a gift, visit the School’s secure Giving Form. You can donate to BMB directly by selecting “other” from the Gift Designation menu and “Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” or “BMB.” You can also further specify where your contribution will go, such as scholastic awards, student support, or other areas.  

To learn about other ways to give, visit the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health How to Give page or contact the Development Team.