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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


With the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s position as a basic research department within the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, we are at a unique intersection between basic science, medicine and public health. We train individuals to understand, discover and apply knowledge at cellular and molecular level that can drive medical and public health advances that “save lives—millions at a time.”

Our faculty are dedicated to providing top-notch advising and mentorship to our trainees so they are well-equipped to enter successful careers in research, medicine and public health.

Degree Programs


Master of Health Science (MHS) In-Person | Full-Time | 9 months

Graduate-level preparation focused on the intersection of basic science and medicine, with curriculum offerings from a public health perspective. Our position within the School of Public Health offers students vast opportunities to broaden their experience. Students have the opportunity to pursue lab research experience as well as train in professional public health practice settings through internships and other placements.

Master of Science (ScM) In-Person | Full-Time | 2 years

Graduate-level program that blends coursework in the first year with rigorous training in laboratory research that culminates in a comprehensive research project in the second. Students develop a strong grounding in basic biology and public health topics through the MHS curriculum, and gain hands-on experience in laboratory research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Master's - Interdepartmental

Master of Arts in Public Health Biology  Online | Part-Time | 2-3 years

Fully-online, part-time graduate program designed for experienced professionals, this interdepartmental program is lead by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with active participation from the Departments of Environmental Health and Engineering and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. Students receive concrete training to master biology topics relevant to public health.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) In-Person | Full-Time | 5-6 years

Doctoral-level training program in which faculty and students work together to increase knowledge of the biochemical and molecular bases of normal and abnormal cellular processes. Our program trains students to be successful independent scientists and gives them the knowledge, research training and leadership skills to continue to provide new insights into the biomedical issues that have a profound impact on public health.


Postdoctoral Program

Postdoctoral Training Program

In addition to the training and mentoring that postdoctoral fellows receive in our faculty members’ labs, our Department has an active program to provide support, training, and mentoring outside the lab. Learn more about these resources and the process for joining the Department as a postdoctoral fellow at our Postdoctoral Training Program page.