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Annual Awards

Delta Omega Society

Delta Omega is a national honor society that aims to encourage excellence in research, scholarship and practice among students taking graduate study in public health and to recognize attainment in the field of public health.

Delta Omega was founded in 1924 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (now the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) to promote excellence and to recognize accomplishment in scholarship and research. Since the establishment of the Alpha Chapter at Johns Hopkins, the Society has expanded nationally. For more information about the society, visit the Alpha Chapter webpage.

This fellowship limits its membership to public health faculty, students, and alumni. Each candidate must also meet membership criteria as set forth in the constitution and bylaws. The Society accepts only students meeting high academic standards. All candidates must also demonstrate a potential for making significant contributions to the field of public health.

The recent inductees in the Delta Omega Society from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department include:


  • Caleb Hellman (MHS student)


  • Albert Barrera (MHS student)
  • Sungwon Kim (MHS student)
  • Jhillika Patel (MHS student)


  • Matthew Alexander Brown (MHS student)
  • Anna Elise Hasche-Kluender (MHS student)
  • Yoo Jin Kim (ScM student)
  • Katherine Allison Summerton (MHS student)


  • Metabel Markwei (ScM student)
  • Rose Sabrina Schrott (MHS student)
  • Joseph Yuhung Shen (MHS student)


  • Jason C. Hirshberg (MHS student)
  • Shae I. Rowlandson (MHS student)


  • Joseph G. Nugent (MHS student)
  • Cristi L. O'Connor (MHS student)


  • Dennis Orkoulas-Razis (MHS student)


  • Mona Rezapour, MD (MHS student)
  • Arissa M. Torrie (MHS student)
  • Hana’ Odeh (ScM student)
  • Brent Colin Monseur (ScM student)


  • Jeffrey B. Yu (MHS student)
  • Dorothy A. Knutsen (MHS student)


  • Shahed S. Alam (MHS student)
  • Rajiv M. Mallipudi (MHS student)


  • Archana Srinivas (MHS student)
  • Mehmet C. Uluer (MHS student)
  • Supriya Jain (MHS student)


  • Cameron B. Culver (MHS student)
  • Elizabeth Ketner (MHS student)
  • Jessica Shiu (MHS student)


  • Michelle D. Lall (PhD student)
  • Lily L. Somwaru (MHS student)
  • Gromoslaw A. Smolen (PhD student)
  • Eugene Oh (MHS student)


  • Priti Harish Patel (MHS student)
  • Sunil Nayak (PhD student)