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Annual Retreat

The annual retreat is a meeting forum where virtually everyone affiliated with the research enterprise in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has an opportunity to hear about the nature and breadth of ongoing research activities.

An auditorium filled with people in seats at long, narrow tables

Events consist of formal research talks, poster presentations and informal discussions. Participants include faculty, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, visiting scholars, and research staff. The retreat, which is held off-site, is an ideal setting to broaden one’s network of collaborators and supporters, and to build team spirit beyond the setting of individual laboratories.





Recent Retreats

A woman sitting behind a laptop is looking up and grinning.

2022 Annual Retreat

October 27-28, Scott-Bates Commons, Baltimore, MD

Theme: Bringing Mighty Science Back

Organized by Assistant Professors Danfeng Cai (faculty chair), Utthara Nayar (faculty co-chair), and Vito Rebecca (faculty co-chair), and trainees Kyler Weingartner (student chair), Bailey Robertson (student vice-chair), Jeremy Bravo Narula, Siyuan Hao, T.J. Koehler, Suchitra Magesh, Benjamin Orris, Naisargi Patel, Trupti Tripathi, Samhita Vitta, Wei Wang, and Tian Xie.


2019 Annual Retreat

A woman holding a coffee cup speaks, pointing at a poster, while two people look on; behind them are more posters and people.

April 15-16, Mt. Washington Conference Center, Baltimore, MD

Theme: Celebrating discovery, building community, embracing diversity

Organized by Assistant Professor Jennifer Kavran and trainees Alisa Boyko (chair), Haobo Wang (vice-chair), Danielle Bouchard, Ed Culbertson, Becca Ursin, Harry Liu, Nathaniel Rogers, Mohsen Badiee, Aravinth Kumar, and TJ Koehler.



April 13-14, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, MD

A woman and a man stand talking in front of a research poster with graphs and microscopy images.

Organized by Assistant Professor Jennifer Kavran and trainees Steve Wellard (chair), Alisa Boyko (chair), Nikki Camlin, Thao Tran, Christina Vivelo, Ed Culbertson, Danielle Bouchard, and Lyle McPherson.



April 2-4, Gettysburgh, PA

Theme: Celebrate science, embrace diversity, and have fun.

Organized by Assistant Professor Jennifer Kavran and trainees Abigail Zeiman (chair), Christina Vivelo (chair), Steve Wellard (vice-chair), Jessica Hopkins, Justin Jacob, Thao Tran, Aravanith Jayabalan, Yajuan Guo, Fengrong Wang, and Lyle McPherson.



April 22-23, Sheppard Pratt Conference Center, Towson, MD

Organized by Associate Professor Scott Bailey and Assistant Professor Phil Jordan and trainees Summer Xia, Xin Sun, Hannah Odeh, Christine Lee, Abigail Zieman, Jessica Hopkins, Justin Jacob, and Haobo Wang. 



March 6-7, 2015, Sheppard Pratt Conference Center, Towson, MD

Organized by Assistant Professor Scott Bailey and trainees Daisy Colon Lopez, Kaitlin Johnson, Jessica Jopkins, Abigail Zieman, Dolly Singh, and Michael Estrella.