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Annual Awards

Keiles Fellowship in Biochemistry

The Elsa Orent Keiles Fellowship in Biochemistry was established in 1996 with a bequest from the estate of Elsa Orent Keiles, ScD ’25, a graduate of the Department of Chemical Hygiene (now Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

The award recognizes PhD students in the Department who excel in the classroom and in the lab and have distinguished themselves and provides a tuition benefit.

The recent Keiles Fellowship Biochemistry recipients are:

2023: Shang-Jung Cheng (Leung Lab), Jane Lee (Cai Lab), and Haoyang Luo (Wan Lab)

2022: Kim Lange (Kavran lab)

2021: Isabel Uribe (Leung lab)

2020: Morgan Dasovich (Leung lab)

2019: T.J. Koehler (Kavran lab)

2018: Yue (Harry) Liu (Wan lab)

2017: Lyle McPherson (Leung lab)

2016: Christine Lee (Matunis lab)

2015: Chynna Broxton (Culotta lab)

2014: Casey Daniels (Leung lab)

2013: Xin Sun (Wan lab)

2012: Kate Laws (Drummond-Barbosa lab)

2011: Caelin Potts (Matunis lab)

2010: Ulli Hain (Bosch lab)

2009: Jianmei Zhu (Matunis lab)