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Office of Student Affairs

Student Life

We serve Bloomberg School students through the development of self-efficacy, opportunities to connect with the school community, and access to a wide spectrum of support.

Supporting the Student Experience

Bloomberg School students are diverse, driven, and ready to change the world.  The Office of Student Life is here to support you from the moment of decision through graduation.  Through a holistic and tailored onboarding experience, diverse opportunities for engagement with the Bloomberg School community, ongoing opportunities for the development of self-efficacy, and a wide spectrum of support, the Office of Student Life team helps students progress toward becoming confident, capable, and fulfilled leaders in public health.

From new incoming students with tough questions to first-generation students to doctoral candidates thinking about their next steps, the Office of Student Life is here with resources, answers, practical support, and positive strategies for all members of the student community.

Want to learn more? Explore our programs and resources below.

Programs & Resources

While the Office of Student Life is here to help in whatever way we can, we have identified four key areas of focus to best allow us to serve and support the students of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

New Student Orientation & Onboarding

Taking a holistic approach, the Office of Student Life supports the onboarding of every new student to the Bloomberg School of Public Health including pre-program checklists, programs, synchronous orientation, and ongoing opportunities for development and involvement.

Visit our New Student Orientation page to learn more.

Personal Development Coaching & Success Skills

Personal Development Coaches are available to engage students in facilitated activities and discussions on topics ranging from goal-setting to time management and values clarification. Complete our intake form to request an appointment with a coach.

For upcoming group programs, visit the Office of Student Life on Hopkins Groups and explore our upcoming events.

Student Involvement

In partnership with BSPH Student Assembly, the Office of Student Life facilitates opportunities for Bloomberg School students to connect to the school in meaningful ways.

Whether through social programs, leadership opportunities, Student Assembly, or one of the School's many student groups, we are here to support and connect you to opportunities that enhance your student experience.

Student Support & Resources

When challenges and setbacks arise, we are here to help.  Whether providing a safe space to talk, access to resources, or referrals to university and community services, we are here to support you in successfully navigating your BSPH student experience.

Concerned about a BSPH student or yourself? Use our BSPH CARE form to make a private referral. Need to connect? Email



Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are cornerstones of the Bloomberg School experience. Discover more about how they inform all aspects of the School, from admissions and mentorship to internships and outreach. 

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Office of Student Life, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday
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