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Office of Student Affairs

Health Benefits and Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Effective 7/1/2023 all eligible JHU students and learners (including SOM, SON, BSPH, PostDocs, and HouseStaff) will be joining Wellfleet and Delta Dental. Rates for the 2023-2024 plan year will be available later this year. Additional information regarding this change will be communicated. Please visit the AHP website at, call 855-423-1678, or email / with any questions.

University Health Services (UHS) clinic fee

In addition to meeting insurance coverage requirements, all full-time on-campus Bloomberg School students are billed a per-term health clinic fee for access to the on-campus UHS clinic. 

All full-time on-campus students are billed a $850.00 Health Clinic Fee for access to our on-campus health center.  The University Health Services Fee (UHS) is not insurance and students are billed the fee on a per-term basis ($212.50 per term) until the $850.00 is paid in full (after 4 terms).  

This fee grants students unlimited access to primary care services, including mental health services, at the center. Specific information pertaining to UHS Benefits can be found on the UHS Services and Benefits website.

Access to UHS services ceases on the one-year anniversary of payment of the clinic fee.