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Student Assembly

Student Groups

Student groups offer a wide array of opportunities for Bloomberg School students to work together for discovery, advocacy, and impact related to causes they care about.

The Student Assembly recognizes and funds select student groups that are not funded by other offices or departments. These groups must undergo a process for recognition by the Student Assembly and must follow certain guidelines for membership.


Current Student Groups

The Anna Baetjer Society for Public Health Practice is a group that helps MPH students at the Bloomberg School translate their educational experiences into public health practice outside of the classroom. Anna M. Baetjer was a pioneer in the fields of occupational health and industrial hygiene and is remembered by the Johns Hopkins community as a great teacher whose counsel and guidance influenced many lives and careers.
The group seeks to enhance the academic, professional, and social experience at the School and augment formal public health training through:

  • Extracurricular experiences corresponding to member interests
  • New acquaintances, shared experiences, and learning from one another
  • Relationships with current practitioners of public health
  • Working for constructive change at all levels
  • Enhancing the health of East Baltimore through service

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The Arab Public Health Organization (APHO) is a student-led group with the mission to introduce Arabic language, culture, and the region to fellow classmates and faculty members, as well as public health challenges and promising interventions we face in the Middle East.

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 IG: @aphohopkins

The Asian-Pacific Public Health Network promotes public health in the Asia-Pacific region. We aim to provide a platform to share the region’s unique and diverse health challenges through social and educational events. This group will promote a strong sense of community among students and faculty.

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FB: @jhapphn

IG: @jhsph.apphn

The Biomedical Scholars Association is an organization that unites graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and faculty who represent minority groups within the Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions community. The purposes of the association are to provide (1) a support system for every scholar who comes from a historically underrepresented background, (2) to promote academic and professional success of students, (3) to enhance URM recruitment and retention within the Hopkins community, (4) to provide a network for career development and advancement within the scientific community, and (5) to serve our immediate community through volunteering.

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The Bloombachs are a music ensemble for students across all levels of music experience, instruments, and styles of music. Our goal is to provide a safe, relaxed space for students to vibe and explore their love of music with peers.

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The Child Health Society aims to heighten awareness and promote advocacy within the school and the community surrounding public health concerns and efforts that affect children, adolescents, and their communities. We engage graduate students, faculty, and community members in education and action surrounding issues in child and adolescent health within the local Baltimore community as well as globally through panels, seminars, awareness weeks, promotion of research, and service to work towards improving the lives of children, adolescents and their communities.

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FB: Childhealthsociety

Twitter: @ChildHealthSoc1

IG: @ChildHealthSociety

The Environmental Health and Engineering Student Organization facilitates social, intellectual, and service-oriented interaction between students, staff, and faculty of the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering. This will be accomplished by planning social events, planning seminars for students to learn about resources available here at Hopkins and to develop professional skills, and advocating for student interests with representation on departmental and school wide committees (Educational Programming Committee, Research Committee, JHSPH Student Assembly, and JHU Doctoral Student Council). We also organize volunteering events with community partners such as Blue Water Baltimore, Bethel Farms, and others to give back to Baltimore City.

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The Forum on Alcohol Research and Advocacy will discuss alcohol use as a public health issue and the influential factors associated with alcohol use, including marketing, epidemiology, and issues with the industry. Classic and new research in the field will be reviewed and critically analyzed. Members will gain a broader understanding of the social and health effects surrounding alcohol use and the public health best practices for addressing the issue at a local, national, and international level.

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The Gertrude Stein Society is an organization for lesbian, gay, and bisexual members of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, including the Schools of Nursing, Public Health and Medicine.

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The Health, Behavior and Society Student Organization serves as a liaison between students and faculty in the Department of Health, Behavior, and Society. The group's mission is to represent student interests and concerns and communicate these concerns to department faculty. We seek to enrich the student experience by organizing events, panels, and seminars that reflect student interests and are aligned with the mission of the group.

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The Hopkins Eco-collective Group works to improve the sustainability of Johns Hopkins University through ADVOCACY (i.e. implementing policy changes at the BSPH, Nursing School, and Homewood campuses), EVENTS (i.e. hosting events to promote sustainability amongst students, faculty, and staff), and EDUCATION (i.e. creating and distributing materials to encourage sustainable choices by students, faculty, and staff). To achieve our goals, this student group will take on the model of action led by Project Leaders. We use our meetings to discuss project updates, make feasible plans and decisions, and/or directly work toward goals for the following two-week period. We encourage graduate members of all Johns Hopkins institutions to join and take on projects. We work directly in collaboration with the Hopkins-wide Sustainability Leadership Council.

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Hopkins Marathon Team is a university-wide student group dedicated to promoting personal health and fitness through running. We aim to provide an environment in which both novice and seasoned runners may thrive and achieve personal goals related to running, whether this means finishing a half marathon or marathon, setting a new personal record, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or simply to keep on running. To accomplish this, the group organizes weekly long runs in and around Baltimore, provides structured training plans, hosts social events, and encourages experienced runners to give personalized and supportive training advice to novice runners.

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FB: Hopkins Marathon Team

IG: @hopkinsmarathonteam

The Hopkins Science Policy Group facilitates the opportunity to engage in meaningful science policy advocacy and communication at both the local and federal levels. We are committed to raising our voices to ensure science is appropriately considered and utilized in the policy making process on a wide range of issues. We also explore careers in science policy, advocacy, and communication.

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Instagram: @jhscipolgroup

Twitter@ jhscipolgroup

The Incarceration and Health Justice Collective is a coalition of students from the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health who recognize the importance of health justice for incarcerated and previously incarcerated people. We strive to educate ourselves and our peers about health disparities stemming from the carceral system and the societal inequities that manifest through it. We also support policy and advocacy initiatives countering mass incarceration and improving healthcare for incarcerated people as well as engage in service projects with groups and community members in Maryland whose lives have been affected by the criminal legal system.

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FB: @hopkinsihj

The J.H. Graduate Consulting Club (JHGCC) is a student led organization that seeks to introduce graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff to careers in management consulting. We provide this through educational material, workshops, company information sessions, and case competitions.

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The J.B. Grant Global Health Society serves as an academic, professional and social vehicle to stimulate discussion and provide tangible experiences regarding global health issues. Dr. J.B. Grant’s vision of community-based primary health care and preventive medicine is active all over the world, and his view of primary health care continues to inspire public health practitioners today. Every year, the J.B. Grant Society:

  • Sponsors speakers and public events
  • Organizes education and career trips
  • Promotes student networking with alumni, faculty, and public health organizations

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The Latino Public Health Network (Nuestra America) is a student network that seeks to raise awareness about Latino heritage and culture, as well as the different issues that impact the health of Latinos both in Baltimore and in Latin America.

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The Masters of Health Administration Student Association provides student leadership for past, current, and future members of the MHA program. The group serves students by exploring and encouraging participation in opportunities related to community service, academic excellence, and professional networking as they specifically relate to healthcare administration. The overall goal of the group is to promote continuity of student involvement both with the program and the larger student body and maintain active lines of communication between students, the school, and the community.

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The Mental Health Graduate Student Network aims to create a sustained culture of mental health awareness and student wellbeing across JHSPH. We support current school-wide mental health efforts, seek out best practices for graduate student mental health, and aim to work with individual departments and the school to prioritize student mental health needs.


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Twitter: @JHSPH_MHGN


The Nursing Public Health Network works to promote interconnectedness between Johns Hopkins nursing students, alumni and faculty of all educational levels (PhD, masters, undergraduate, prospective nurses) and the schools of public health and nursing in order to raise awareness on the work being done by nurses domestically and internationally.

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FB: Nursing Public Health Network

IG: @HopkinsNPHN

Twitter: @HopkinsNPHN

The One Health Student Group (OHSG) fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration among diverse fields; for example, physicians, veterinarians, nurses, environmentalists, ecologists, public health practitioners, and other professionals.  One Health is an international concept that incorporates the inextricably linked human, animal, and environmental health in order to improve overall health.  Some topics considered a part of One Health include zoonotic diseases, the human-animal connection, environmental toxicities/pollution, stakeholder engagement, systems thinking, and translational research.  Many governmental agencies and professional organizations recognize One Health, and the name/concept is becoming more well known.  To solve complex health issues, One Health must be embraced across disciplines.

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IG: onehealth_jhu

Public Health Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational Christian community that seeks to encourage believers to grow in their relationship with God, introduce others to Him, and inspire people to glorify God through the training they receive at the School of Public Health. Learn more at

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Public Health Students for Reproductive Justice promotes reproductive health, rights and justice by creating student opportunities for learning and advocacy and JHSPH. In providing a forum for discourse around access to comprehensive reproductive health services (particularly abortion) and the links between reproductive health and its structural and social determinants, PHSRJ increases awareness about relevant topics in reproductive justice and contributes to students’ education in public health.

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The Rotaract Club of JHSPH works to recognize the positive change implemented by youth and young adults as the fifth Avenue of Service, Youth Service, through an active and personal commitment to empower young adults and young professionals to take action through community and international service, develop leadership skills through professional development, and gain a global perspective that fosters world peace and cultural understanding as partners in service; and for students and young professionals to take action through community and international service that creates sustainable solutions to local and global challenges, connect with the global community of Rotary to expand professional networks, exchange ideas with leaders, and cultivate lifelong friendship around the world, develop skills to become community and global leaders, and make friends locally.

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Instagram: rotaractjhsph

Twitter: rotaractJHSPH

Facebook: RotaractClubofJHSPH

The Social Epidemiology Student Organization (SESO) aims to bring together students and faculty from across the school to discuss theory and methods related to social epidemiology and the social determinants of health. We hold monthly journal clubs and an annual lectureship.

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Surgery, Obstetrics, Trauma, and Anesthesia Society (SOTAS) is a student-led society that aims to unite graduate students, doctoral students, researchers, and faculty at the JHSPH with an interest in SOTA care.  The Society intends to achieve this through educational activities, research collaboratives, and advocacy initiatives, with the ultimate goal of interdisciplinary and system-wide collaboration across public and global health disciplines.

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Twitter: @SOTASociety

The Migration & Health Society was established by MPH students in 2021 to increase awareness of, promote advocacy towards, and engage in efforts to improve public health for displaced and other mobile populations (including refugees, IDPs, undocumented immigrants, and other migrant groups). Through knowledge sharing and outreach efforts, Society members work with other graduate students, faculty, and community members to achieve three main goals:

1) educate, advocate, and act on migrant health issues within Baltimore, nationally, and globally;

2) establish a network of community partners supporting displaced populations;

3) examine underlying factors contributing to forced migration. 

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The Gerontology Interest Group promotes networking and collaboration among students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty who are interest in public health in aging population.  

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The Digital Health Society (DHS) is a student-led organization that brings together students, faculty, and anyone with a passion for the intersection of health and technology. Through student-led journal clubs and other events, DHS creates a space for participants to learn about the many different angles of digital health, connect with faculty and alumni, and engage with ongoing research projects. DHS partners with the Global mHealth Initiative and welcomes members from across JHU’s many schools.