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Career Services

Career Planning for Students

What are your career goals, and how do you achieve them? It takes time and reflection to identify the direction you want to take, and the Career Services team understands the importance of this process. Here you'll find some of the tools, services, and resources we offer to help students design and pursue their own own path in public health. 

Get the Career Planner

Everything job-seekers need to write a great resume, make a good impression, prep for the Career Fair, network like a pro, and set career goals is here in this toolkit for Bloomberg School students and alumni. To receive a copy of the Career Planner, email

Virtual Drop-In Hours

Virtual Drop-In Hours are opportunities for you to virtually discuss your quick career questions! Virtual Drop-in Hours are first come, first served.  Students can get an overview of our services, review their resume/CV, discuss their job search, prepare for an interview, and more. Discussions are limited to 10 minutes – longer appointments can be booked on Handshake.

To find available Virtual Drop-In Hours,

  1. Log into your JHU Handshake account using SSO
  2. Click on “Events” at the top, left-hand corner of the page
  3. In the search bar, type “Drop-In Hours”
  4. Choose the Career Services Staff member to meet with:
    1. Paul Hutchinson
      1. Department/Degree Focus Areas: Biostats, BMB, EHE, MMI, Schoolwide (MPH, DrPH, PhDs/Post-Docs), MAS (Spatial Analysis in Public Health), MBE or
      2. Students interested in Academic/Research, Health Informatics industries, Johns Hopkins entities
    2. Caroline Heaney
      1. Department/Degree Focus Areas: HPM, Schoolwide (MPH, DrPH), MPH/MBA, MAS (Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality) or
      2. Students interested in Consulting, Fed Govt, Healthcare industries
    3. Olivia McCants
      1. Department/Degree Focus Areas: Epi, HBS, IH, MH, PFRH, Schoolwide (MPH, DrPH), MAS (Population Health Management) or
      2. Students interested in NGOs, Non-Profits, State/Local Govt. industries
    4. Jeanette Jeffrey
      1. Department/Degree Focus Areas: Schoolwide (MPH)

Virtual Student Meetings

Students can also request a 30-minute 1-on-1 virtual meeting by emailing staff individually, but we strongly recommend going to Virtual Drop-in Hours first.

To find available Virtual Student Meeting slots,

  1. Log into your JHU Handshake account using SSO
  2. Click on “Career Center” at the top, right-hand corner of the page
  3. Click on “Appointments” and then click on the “Schedule A New Appointment” button
  4. Choose a category that best matches your reason for the appointment
  5. Select “Bloomberg: Career Coaching (30 minutes)”
  6. Decide either the staff member you want to meet with or the date and time that works best for you

Integrative Learning and Life Design

Discover programs and services that bridge curricular and experiential learning with life aspirations for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and alumni across schools and divisions.

Search Jobs @ Handshake

Handshake is the university-wide service for students and alumni to access job and internship postings from tens of thousands of employers, connect with career services, and learn about recruiting events and job fairs.

Discover VMock

Use the AI-powered VMock career acceleration dashboard to accelerate your career growth with a SMART Coach.

Explore the Passport System

The Passport Career system provides tools, guidance, and strategies to explore jobs, internships, and opportunities in 81 countries and 50+ U.S. cities.

Access Exclusive Career Design Tools

Your JHED login ID gives you exclusive access to valuable career design resources through the Imagine JHU site.

Find Internships and Fellowships

Many organizations offer internship and fellowship opportunities for Bloomberg School students. Some opportunities are located locally in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Others take students abroad. See a listing of available opportunities.

Discover Employment Outcomes of Bloomberg School Graduates

The Graduate Employment Outcomes Dashboard provides a snapshot of Bloomberg School students' status post-graduation, including salary ranges.

Attend the Public Health Career Fair

The Bloomberg School's annual Public Health Career Fair is an outstanding venue to explore careers and meet potential employers. Every year, dozens of employers from diverse industries and global regions come to the School to engage with our community. Visit the Public Health Career Fair page.

Resources for Doctoral Students Pursuing Non-Academic Careers

Get tailored insight on how to pursue varying non-academic careers in consulting, health administration, health technology, government and more. 

Connect with Bloomberg School Alumni

Connect with a growing network of public health professionals at JHU OneHop.

Browse Government Employers and Associations

Find a list of public health associations and organizations as well as government and state agencies that hire public health professionals.