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Financial Aid

Online Access to Financial Aid Information

Admitted students can easily access their Bloomberg School financial aid information any time via the JHU Student Information System (SIS).

To access the Student Information System (SIS), you must use your assigned account.


If you have an existing affiliation with Johns Hopkins, you can use your JHED ID

New/Prospective students will be assigned a JHED ID just prior to starting your program.

Guest User Account

If you don’t have a JHED ID (existing or new), you must use your guest account.

Follow these instructions for setting up your guest account - 

Please allow at least one hour for security processing before attempting to log in to newly activated accounts.   

To login to the Student Information System (SIS):

  • Go to
  • Click “Sign In”
  • Enter your JHED ID and password
  • Follow any on-screen instructions, if prompted

Guest account users must follow the instructions above to log in to SIS.

Once logged in, review the SIS Dashboard for quick links to various data in your record.

Click > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid> Menu (upper left corner) and select:

  • To-do List: to view your required application documents and the status of documents that have been received
  • View/Accept Awards: to view, accept, or decline your aid awards
  • Disbursements: to view the scheduled dates and funding amounts that will be credited to your aid package
  • Federal Student Loan History: to view a list of your federal student loans as reported by the National Student Loan Data System