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Financial Aid

Online Access to Financial Aid Information

Admitted students can easily access their Bloomberg School financial aid information any time via the JHU Student Information System (SIS).

To create a SIS account:

SIS log-in for first-time users: You will need the SIS ID that was emailed to you by the Financial Aid Office. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authentication process and create your account.

To access your SIS account after initial log-in:

SIS log-in for returning users:  Use your SIS ID or assigned JHED user ID and password.

Once logged in, review the SIS Message Board for updates about the system or data in your record.

Click > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid> Menu (upper left corner) and select:

  • Application: to complete your Public Health Student Aid Application
  • To-do List: to view your required application documents and the status of documents that have been received
  • View/Accept Awards: to view, accept, or decline your aid awards
  • Disbursements: to view the scheduled dates and funding amounts that will be credited to your aid package
  • Federal Student Loan History: to view a list of your federal student loans as reported by the National Student Loan Data System