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Get information on where to eat around our campus.

Food Security Resources

Need help navigating food insecurity or the resources listed here?  Reach out to the Office of Student Life at


211 is a community resource hub available to Maryland residents. You can access resources for potential assistance with food, housing, utilities, legal information, and more through the website or by dialing “211.” On the “Food” section under “Resources”, you can information regarding food pantries, food distributions, food vouchers, and other food resources by inputting your zip code. This service is available throughout the country and resources change within each county.

Baltimore Free Foods Sites

Access the Baltimore Free Foods Sites interactive map to find free food pantries/distributions/resources in the Baltimore area. The legend provides additional access details.

Community Assistance Network (CAN)

Community Assistance Network provides supplemental food to income-eligible, Baltimore County residents.

Find Help

Find Help highlights resources for financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help. 

Free Food Alert

The Free Food Alert (FFA) was established to reduce food waste from campus events and feed hungry Hopkins community members. It is an innovative platform that allows event hosts to post free food giveaways when there is excess food after their event and for Hopkins community members to receive email and mobile alerts for free food!

 Subscribe now to receive free food alerts and/or to host free food giveaways. Reducing food waste is a significant step towards a zero waste future for Hopkins and achieving our sustainability goals. By using Free Food Alert, we can work together to reduce food waste and feed people. 

Hopkins Food Pantry

The Hopkins Food Pantry was founded to help address food insecurity for all Hopkins affiliates. The Food Pantry works in partnership with the Maryland Food Bank to ensure JHU affiliates have the opportunity to succeed.

Maryland Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank shares out free food resources on their website. Shoppers can search based on location throughout Maryland. 

Supplemental Nutritional Access Program (SNAP)

SNAP is a county food benefits program formerly known as “food stamps.” This program is meant to provide ongoing access to nutritious food through monthly benefits. Benefits are deposited each month onto an EBT debit card. You can use these benefits to buy groceries as well as prepared food wherever EBT is accepted. Your eligibility will depend on several factors, including residency status, income, as well as part-time/full-time enrollment in school. The benefit amount awarded each month will depend on those same factors. To find more information, visit this link.

    The College SNAP Project

    The College SNAP Project is a SNAP benefits application for college students. There is an application process and there are no penalties for applying or re-applying. Call (866) 821-5552 to learn more or apply onlineAs this is a county resource, international students are not eligible.