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Graduate Employment Outcomes Dashboard

The Bloomberg School makes it a priority to ensure our graduates are equipped with the skill sets and resources to reach their career goals. The interactive dashboard below offers prospective and current students the opportunity to view results of data indicative of our graduates' employment status, sector, and salaries. 

The data are collected annually via surveys administered to Bloomberg School graduates approximately one year after graduation.    

Explore the Dashboard 

The dashboard displays summarized data on a schoolwide level. To view data on specific programs, you can use the dropdown menus to select a degree program and a department if applicable.  

These data were updated March 2024.

Data Notes

  • The data included on the dashboard were collected via alumni surveys in Fall, 2019–2023, on students who graduated in calendar years 2018–2022, respectively. Response rates range from 32% to 45%.
  • Over five years, the surveys collected information on graduate outcome status from 1,921 alumni.  
  • All data are self-reported by alumni and survey participation is voluntary. 
  • Charts on salary ranges and comparisons to previous salaries only include data collected from the last three years to provide the most up-to-date financial information and to account for significant average salary changes. These data are limited to graduates who are employed full-time. Graduates employed in international locations (including those in low- and middle-income countries) are included in the data.

For more information on the alumni survey data and dashboard functionalities, please contact Liza Kalashnikova, Sr. Institutional Research Analyst.

Survey Questions

Below, you can view the survey questions that were asked to arrive at the data shown on the dashboard. 

Graduate Outcomes
  • Are you currently continuing your education through enrollment in another degree program in public health or another field? *
  • Which best describes your current employment status? 

*Employed full-time or employed part-time trumps “Yes” to the question on continuing education.

Employment Sector
  • Which describes your employer?

Respondents are allowed to select one primary identifier.

Salary Ranges
  • What is your annual compensation? Please report your total gross (pre-tax) annual income from your current job(s), in U.S. dollars. Please include all self-employment income and commission-based compensation, but do not include fringe benefits.
Comparison to Previous Salary
  • How does this salary compare with your salary prior to earning your public health degree?