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Continuing Education Student Services

Non-Credit Courses for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Learning Institute courses and select professional trainings can be taken not-for-credit at the Bloomberg School.

Be sure to designate either for-credit or not-for-credit upon enrollment in these courses because administrative procedures and tuition are different for credit vs. non-credit seeking students.

Apply for Non-Credit Institute Courses or Training:

  • New and returning students who do not have a JHED logon ID must submit a new application. Within 72 hours, you will receive a Guest User Account to use.
  • Returning students who already have a JHED logon ID can access the Bloomberg School’s SIS system directly to apply.

Student registering for non-credit must enroll in desired class(es) within 60 days of completing the online application. If enrollment is not completed within the allotted time frame, the student will not be permitted to access self-service.

New international students who do not have a U.S. government-issued Social Security Number (SSN) will be assigned a “988” number to be used in place of an SSN. This number is required to create your JHED password and is only valid within Johns Hopkins University.

If you need more information on the application process for non-degree seeking students, or if you do not receive a Guest User Account within 3-4 days of submitting your non-degree application, please contact the Continuing Education Student Services staff.


Can I take regular-term courses non-credit?

No. Only Summer Institute courses and select professional trainings are currently available on a non-credit basis. Regular-term courses must be taken for credit.

What is the difference between the Summer Institute and the summer term?

Summer Institute programs are offered from May through August by academic departments within the Bloomberg School. For some Institutes, no application requirements are needed. Others require prior approval. Institute courses may be taken for credit or non-credit.

The regular 8-week summer term is part of the School's five-term academic year. All regular term courses must be taken for credit.

If I want to register for two Summer Institutes, do I need two applications?

No. Once your SIS record has been created, you can register for any of the Summer Institute courses. However, some Institutes do have admission requirements which require approval to register.

Can I apply for financial aid to pay for Summer Institute courses?

Typically, financial aid is available only for students enrolled in a degree program. However, there may be some exceptions. To make an inquiry with our Financial Aid Office, please submit a SEAM Online form.

How do I drop a non-credit course?

Once enrolled, new and continuing students can drop courses via SIS. After the online deadline closes for an Institute, add/drop requests must be submitted directly to the Institute coordinator for approval.