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Records and Registration

Special Students Regular

What is a Special Student Regular (SSR)?

Special Students Regular (SSRs) are students who are not officially registered in a degree program in the Bloomberg School of Public Health but who have been accepted to the School through a formal application process. SSRs must apply to an academic department of the School, and once accepted, may register for coursework on a full or part-time basis. They receive academic credit for all coursework that they successfully complete. 

How to Apply as a Special Student Regular

SSRs submit their application materials through SOPHAS Express, and their complete applications are reviewed by the academic department to which they have applied. The applicant will be notified of the admissions decision, and if accepted, will be notified about the University's requirements for payment of a matriculation fee.   

Guidelines for Special Students Regular

SSRs must adhere to the Bloomberg School's established registration and course change deadlines, and are required to follow all academic and administrative policies that apply to degree students at BSPH. If a SSR is accepted into a degree program, accumulated credits earned as a SSR in the previous three years may be applied toward the degree program, contingent upon approval of the degree program's director. However, the total number of accumulated credits for application to a degree program must be less than 64 credits and may not exceed one-half of the maximum number of credits required for the degree program.  

Goucher University students who are accepted into the Pathway Program will take courses as Special Students Regular while enrolled at Goucher, prior to formally matriculating into their master's degree program at BSPH.