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PFRH E-NEWS Winter 2021



  • Kristen McCormick, MS, MA, promoted to Academic Program Manager

Students and Alumni

  • Reem Ghandour, DrPH '09, MPA, was awarded the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal
  • Nancy Kelly, MHS '84, received the Deborah Harding Women of Achievement Award from Women of Peace Corps Legacy
  • Donna Petersen, ScD '89, MHS '84, received the Martha May Eliot Award from the American Public Health Association
  • Salma Tayel, MSPH Student, received a Fulbright Fellowship to explore reproductive autonomy in Egypt
  • Michelle Taylor, MD, DrPH '15, MPH, confirmed as the new Director of the Shelby County Health Department


Joint Appointments
  • Eliana Perrin MD, MPH, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
    Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, School of Nursing
Faculty Promotions
  • Lori Burrell, MA, LSW, promoted Senior Research Associate
  • Michele Decker, ScD, MPH, promoted Professor
  • Maheen Malik, MBBS, promoted Senior Associate
Faculty Transitions
  • Mark Emerson, Senior Research Associate, retires from PFRH
Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

Summer & 1st Term 2021-2022

  • Pam Martin, MBA: 552.622.81, Creating, Implementing and Monitoring Budgets for Projects and Programs
Faculty Awards
  • Susan Gross, PhD, MPH, RD, Associate Scientist
    Receives the Advancing Health Equity Award from the Maryland Public Health Association



Faculty Grants Awards
  • Phil Anglewicz, PhD, MA, Associate Professor
    FHI360 (funded through USAID) 
    1. Tracking Reproductive Health Self-Care through PMA Surveys
    2. Improved Self-Care Utilization for Women in Uganda

    National Institutes of Health, Subcontract from Tulane University
    PI Mark VanLandingham, Tulane University - Role: Co-Investigator
    RADx-UP Rapid Research Pilot Program (RP2)

    Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
    PMA 2020 ASH Strategic Eval (Costed Extension)
  • Suzanne Bell, PhD '18, MPH, Assistant Professor
    The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
    PMA DRC: Abortion Module
  • Christy Bethell, PhD, MPH, MBA, Professor
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Scaling the Child Health and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative’s Early Childhood Cycle of Engagement model for early childhood well-child services
  • Michele Decker, ScD, MPH, Professor
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Supplemental Research to Enhance Engagement & Measurement with Communities Disproportionately Affected by Sexual Violence

  • Alison Gemmill, PhD, MPH, MA, Assistant Professor
    1. R01 subaward – Michigan State University
    Pregnancy-associated morbidity and mortality due to drug use, self-harm, and violence: Measurement, trends, and risk factors
    2. R01 Subaward –UC Irvine
    Racial Disparities in Preterm Births and Fetal Loss

    3. Bloomberg American Health Initiative – Spark Award
    Examining Relationships between Climate-related in Utero Exposures, Residential Greenness, and Adverse Birth Outcomes
    4. Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions – Pilot Project Award
    State-level Determinants of Racial Disparities in Mortality among Reproductive-Aged Women
    5. Office of the Provost
    JHU COVID-19 Bridge Grant
  • Susan Gross, PhD '96, MPH, Associate Scientist
    Bloomberg American Health Initiative
    The Impact of COVID-19 and USDA waivers on Summer Meal Participation in Maryland

  • Charvonne Holliday, PhD, Assistant Professor
    JHU Innovation Fund for Community Safety
    Abuse Intervention Supportive Services, House of Ruth Maryland

  • Dylan Jackson, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor
    1. Bloomberg American Health Initiative
    Young Justice-Involved Parents: Addressing Needs Related to Violence, Substance Use, and Other Challenges
    2. Bloomberg American Health Initiative -- Vanguard Award
    Optimizing Youth-police Interactions in Baltimore City: A Pilot to Develop a Novel Police Training Curriculum
    (with Rebecca Fix, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor, Mental Health)

  • Olivia Kachingwe, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Bloomberg American Health Initiative
    Sexual Health Communication Among African American LGBQ Young Adults and Their Fathers

  • Kojo Lokko, MPH, MBA, Senior Associate
    Bayer AG
    The Challenge Initiative (TCI) – NextGen

  • Beth Marshall, DrPH '11, MPH '03, Assistant Scientist
    Children’s National Medical Center/United Health Foundation
    Integrated School and Community Connections to Improve Health Outcomes for At-Risk Children Where They Live and Learn

  • Tamar Mendelson, PhD, MA, Professor
    JHU Innovation Fund for Community Safety
    McElderry Multiracial Organizing Project, CASA

  • Cynthia Minkovitz, MD, MPP, Professor
    State of New Jersey
    New Jersey Home Visitation Initiative Evaluation

  • Caroline Moreau, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor
    Oak Foundation
    Global Early Adolescent Study Phase III

  • Asari Offiong, PhD '21, MPH, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Bloomberg American Health Initiative
    Supporting the implementation of Bill HB0401 for pregnant and parenting adolescents in Baltimore, MD

  • Jose “Oying” Rimon, PgDip, MA
    1. Bayer AG
    NextGen Catalyst Initiative-Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders in Family Planning and Reproductive Health
    2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Support to the 2018 and 2020 International Conferences on FP and Core Gates

  • Terri Powell, PhD, MA, Associate Professor
    1. Bloomberg American Health Initiative
    Sexual Health Communication Among African American LGBQ Young Adults and Their Fathers
    2. The University of Memphis/NIH R13
    Collaborating with Faith Leaders of the Deep South to End the Epidemic of HIV Stigma

  • Linnea Zimmerman, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, and Courtland Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor
    Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC, a program of Elrha)
    Early Marriage and Fertility Decision Making Among Conflict-affected and Displaced Adolescents in Bangladesh and Yemen