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Records and Registration

Information for School of Medicine Post Doctoral Fellows

For School of Medicine Post Doctoral Fellows Enrolling in Bloomberg School Courses

School of Medicine (SOM) Post-Docs register interdivisionally through the Registrar's Office at the School of Medicine.  The office is located in Suite 147 of the Miller Research Building (733 N. Broadway).

SOM Post-Docs are limited to 16 credits of JHSPH courses taken for academic credit.  Please note that any credits earned previously under the PH SOM Post-Doc instance count towards the 16 credit limit.

SOM Post-Docs must have instructor permission to enroll as an auditor. Changes to or from Audit will not be accepted after the add/drop deadline for a term.  Consult the JHSPH Academic Calendar for more information.

SOM Post-Docs must submit instructor permission to enroll in PH.140.621, 622, 623, or 624 and any other courses which require instructor consent.  Please refer to the JHSPH Course Directory for specific information regarding course offerings.  Permissions should be submitted with registration materials. 

SOM Post-Docs must select a lab section/time for PH.140.621, 622, and 623 (624 does not require a lab). Registrations will be declined if no lab section/time is indicated.

Enrollment changes should be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office at the School of Medicine.

SOM Post-Docs are responsible for any course materials/ lab fees. Course materials/ lab fees can be found via the JHSPH Course Directory and are listed in the Special Comments section of the course description.  Failure to pay these fees will result in a financial hold and will prevent future registrations.


Confirmed enrollments can be viewed within the SOM Self-Service portal.

The SOM Post Doc tuition benefit can no longer be claimed:

  • Upon matriculation as a JHSPH degree-seeking student, a Certificate student, or a Special Student Limited. 
  • Once the appointment at the School of Medicine has ended.  Any in-progress enrollments will be transferred to a Special Student Limited status and the student will be responsible for any tuition and fees.  Information regarding tuition and fees is available here