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Career Planning for Students

Resources for Doctoral Students Pursuing Non-Academic Careers

This project was developed by Applied SBS Public health PhD Professional development Education and Networking (ASP3EN) Program. ASP3EN Program is funded by PhD Professional Development Innovation Initiative grant awarded by the Provost’s Office at the Johns Hopkins University.

Key skills for common non-academic careers

Doctoral alumni who graduated from social and behavioral departments at BSPH highlight key skills necessary to succeed in varying non-academic careers. 

Applying for federal government jobs

Doctoral alumna provide career advice on pursuing careers in the federal government.

Independent consulting

Alumni Dr. Andrea Mantsois provides feedback on how to engage in independent consulting as a part-time or full-time career with a social and behavioral sciences background through a video workshop series

"What Can You Do With A Social & Behavioral PhD In..." Conversation Series

Alumni with doctoral degrees in social and behavioral sciences share their experiences pursuing various non-academic careers in live-recorded sessions.  

Professional development services available for doctoral students 

  • JHM Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO) - Provides professional development training and career services, including one-on-one career coaching appointments, grant writing workshops, employer visits and treks, CV/resume advice, mentorship programs, alumni panels, mock interviews, and more.
  • PHutures is an innovative & empathy-driven career hub focused on creating equitable and scalable opportunities for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. PHutures provides multilayered support by offering one on one consultations, workshops and curriculums, mentoring & connections and through Scalable events.
    • PHutures has over 122 videos on its YouTube channel that appeals to multiple disciplines
  • Pillars of Wealth - Addresses issues of salary negotiation, managing personal finances, financial literacy and more.
  • Professional Development Program at Whiting School of Engineering - Focuses on increasing knowledge of business, management, communications, and more through half and full semester courses
  • R3 Science Communications Leadership Program - Students acquire essential, universal leadership qualities to support their careers in all aspects of societal life and engagement.
  • ImaginePhD – a career exploration tool for humanities and social science doctoral students
  • InterSECT Job Simulations – a tool for doctoral students that pairs them with professionals in industry  to provide insight into different professional opportunities
  • Hopkins Biotech Network - A graduate student run organization that explores the biotech community from distinct angles to coordinate educational and experiential events for all early professionals interested in a non-academic career.
  • Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club - Student-led organization with the goal to provide Johns Hopkins graduate students and staff opportunities to explore and develop themselves in the field of consulting.