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Department of Mental Health


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Leslie Adams Assistant Professor

Leslie Adams, PhD, MPH, researches the intersection of gender, race, and mental health to examine socially-determined mental health disparities in Black communities.

Luciana Assini-Meytin Assistant Scientist

Luciana C. Assini-Meytin, PhD, MS, researches strategies to advance the science of child sexual abuse prevention.

Sachini Bandara Assistant Professor

Sachini Bandara, PhD ’18, MS, studies how public health policies can improve wellbeing for people who use drugs, have mental illness, or are involved in the carceral system.

Judith Bass Professor

Judith Bass, PhD '04, MPH, MIA, is an implementation science researcher, with a broad background in sociology, economic development studies, and psychiatric epidemiology.

Kelly Benke Assistant Scientist
Paul Bolton Senior Scientist
Laura Clary Assistant Scientist

Laura Clary, PhD, MS, develops, implements, and evaluates school-based interventions to improve mental health, resilience, and relationships for children and adolescents.

William Eaton Professor

William Eaton, PhD, MHS, conducts epidemiologic research to discover risk factors for psychiatric disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and cognitive decline.

Dana Eldreth Research Associate
Kenneth Feder Assistant Scientist
Andrew Feinberg Professor
Caleb Figge Assistant Scientist
Rebecca Fix Assistant Professor

Rebecca Fix, PhD, MS, is working to reduce racial bias in the juvenile justice system and to improve culturally-informed care for children who use violence.

Joseph Gallo Professor

Joseph Gallo, MD, MPH, works on risk factors and epidemiology of depression in late life, primary care and mental health, and the intersection of physical and mental health.

Elena Goicoechea Research Associate
Calliope Holingue Assistant Professor
Eric Hubbard Senior Research Associate
Nicholas Ialongo Professor

Nicholas Ialongo, PhD, is a prevention science researcher who conducts large-scale studies on child mental health, developmental psychopathology, violence prevention, and more.

Renee M. Johnson Associate Professor

Renee M. Johnson, PhD, MPH studies how psychosocial factors shape risk for unhealthy alcohol and drug use among adolescents.

Jamie Kaczaniuk Research Associate