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Research and Practice

Mental Health in the Workplace

With 63% of Americans participating in the labor force, the workplace presents both a platform and an opportunity for innovative mental health initiatives.

We envision a society where mental health is as important as physical healthwhere depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health challenges occur rarely, and when they do, they are openly addressed to minimize their effects on our lives. We can create this world by involving the workplaces where we spend such a significant portion of our days. 

As the only department of mental health in a school of public health, we view the workplace as a critical space to improve health and well-being across the population, employing research and practice in collaboration with the private sector.

Nearly 50% of all Americans will experience a mental or behavioral health challenge in their lifetime, we seek to collaborate with businesses, professional organizations, providers, and government organizations to foster:

  • increased awareness and acceptance of mental health, employee wellness, prevention and treatment services
  • decreased prevalence of mental illness, absenteeism, stigma, and the consequences of disclosing a mental illness.

You can find out more about our work below.

National Summit on Mental Health and Well-being

A Focus on the Graduate Academic Environment

National Summit on Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing - A Focus on the Graduate Academic Environment
Science and Partnership

The Luv u Project

Leading with love, a grieving family builds the scientific case for embedding mental health support in the workplace

Christin Lewis and father Richard Mattingly

Christin Lewis and her father Richard Mattingly founded The Luv U Project in memory of wife and mother Carolyn Mattingly. 

Understanding Work-related Mental Health Issues

Johns Hopkins P.O.E. Total Worker Health® Center

The Center is dedicated to improving the mental health of the nation’s workforce through research, education, outreach, and evaluation activities that integrate Psychosocial factors, Organizational conditions, and Environmental exposures as key domains of worker health. 

Mental Health and Workplace

Research in Action

2016 presentations from Johns Hopkins-Luv u Project collaboration on workplace mental health


photo of man stretching arms in his chair to take a mental health break at work