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Psychiatric Epidemiology Funded Training (PET) Program

PET Alumni Profiles - Postdocs

Name Years in PET Adviser Topic/Dissertation
Chiadikaobi Onyike 2001-2003 Constantine Lyketsos Depression and obesity
Jane Saczynski 2001-2003 George Rebok Cognitive training gains in normal, non-demented elderly: Associated variables and maintenance of training gains
Tina Huang 2001-2003 Peter Zandi Pro-inflammatory cytokines antagonize glucocorticoid induction of glutamine synthetase in primary mouse astrocytes: role of NF-kB
Ben Hochang Lee 2001-2003 William Eaton Genetic epidemiology
Maciej Chodynicki 2001-2004 William Eaton Relationship between the body and the mind and how it relates to psychiatric illness
Kathleen Brennan 2002-2003 William Eaton Role-Related Stress and Psychological Distress: The Effect of Identity Relevant Characteristics
Joshua Fogel 2002-2004 William Eaton Depressive disorder
Mojdeh Moghaddam 2003-2005 George Rebok Contribution of Vestibular System to Place Navigation: Methods for Dissociation of Egocentric and Allocentric Spatial Memory
Cheryl Person 2004-2006 William Eaton Post-disaster mental health; Mental health of first responders after Hurricane Katrina
Vanessa Rojas 2005-2006 William Eaton Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a Risk Factor for HIV Among African American and Latina Women in Methadone Treatment in New York City
Jodi McKibben 2005-2007 William Eaton Treatment utilization for mental health issues over a 20-year time period: A cohort effect in utilization
Gail Wallace 2006-2008 William Eaton Neighborhood Characteristics and Depression
Allyson Hail 2006-2008 William Eaton Regular Source of Care: Its Impact on Charges, Hospitalizations and Satisfaction Among the Elderly
Stanislav Spivak 2008-2009 William Eaton Community psychiatry combined with public mental health
Allan Anderson 2008-2015 Brion Maher A Genome-Wide Association Study of ADHD with Network Pathway Analysis
Sharon Abramowitz 2010-2011 Judith Bass Psychosocial Liberia: Managing Suffering in Post-Conflict Life (Topic: mental health, social support and social functioning (diagnosis, cross-cultural adaptation, gender violence, conflict and post-conflict contexts)
Eran Elhaik 2010-2012 Peter Zandi Genetic of bipolar disorder and autism
Michelle Carras 2010-2017 Peter Zandi Video game play, social interactions and friendship quality in adolescents: A latent class analysis
Brian Hall 2011-2013 Judith Bass The role of social resources (i.e., social support, social capital) in mental health recovery, and their bi-directional relationship with mental health, within low- and middle-income countries affected by trauma
Shelley Hart 2011-2013 Peter Zandi Adolescent bipolar disorder
Paul Nestadt 2011-2018 Ramin Mojtabai Suicide, in relation to guns and opiates
Lenis Chen-Edinboro 2013-2015 Adam Spira Sleep disturbances and cognitive and mental health functioning in aging
Wendy Ingram 2017-2020 Peter Zandi Behavioral neuro-immunology in mice infected with the brain parasite, Toxoplasma gondii.
Kristin Mignogna 2019-2021 Fernando Goes Genome-wide systems genetics of alcohol consumption and use disorder in both humans and genetically complex mice