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Substance Use Epidemiology

Training and Funding Opportunities

There are outstanding training opportunities for students in the Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program.

Each faculty member is involved in several projects in which students can gain research experience, both in and outside of the Department of Mental Health. Numerous opportunities are available for collaboration on scholarly publications as well with faculty affiliated with the Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program.

The NIDA Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training (DDET) Program

The NIDA-funded Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training (DDET) Program is designed to increase the number and quality of expert substance use epidemiologists, with special focus on HIV, prevention science, advanced statistical methods, health disparities, and comorbid substance use and psychiatric disorders. DDET has trainees at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

The training program capitalizes on the interdisciplinary resources at Johns Hopkins University and involves collaborations with outside institutions to provide trainees with the skills and experiences needed to lead multi-disciplinary research. Trainees achieve this through a rigorous program of coursework, research apprenticeships, and integrative activities that provide a solid foundation in substance use epidemiology.