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Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetic Epidemiology

Training and Funding Opportunities

The Psychiatric Epidemiology Training Program

Students interested in training on the genetic epidemiology of psychiatric and behavioral disorders should consider the Psychiatric Epidemiology Training (PET) Program, which is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The goal of the PET program is to train the next generation of investigators in psychiatric epidemiology. It provides training for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students who want to use the advanced methods and applications of psychiatric epidemiology to study mental and behavioral health problems. One focus of interest in the program is using these methods to study the genetic contribution to psychiatric and behavioral disorders and responses to treatments for these disorders. Pre-doctoral trainees must complete the required coursework for their degree program as well as complete all qualifying examinations and a research dissertation under the supervision of their advisor. Post-doctoral fellows are expected to engage in original research under the supervision of a faculty member.