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Psychiatric Epidemiology

Related Faculty

Core Faculty

Heather Volk, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Research seeks to identify gene-environment interactions for neurodevelopmental disorders and more specifically on the effects of prenatal and early-life air pollution exposure on risk for autism spectrum disorder, inattention, and delayed cognitive development. Genetics, disease biomarkers, and environmental exposure biomarkers are incorporated into the evaluation of these relationships to examine underling biological mechanisms, improve exposure metrics, and evaluate susceptibility

Leslie Adams, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research interests: research examines relationships between discrimination, mental health prevention (depression and suicide), and mental health services utilization using a mixed methods and community-engaged approach. Particularly, Adams explores the intersections between gender norms, racism, and mental health service disparities among Black men.

Judith K Bass, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Research interests: Cross-cultural assessment of mental disorders, community-based trials of psychotherapeutic interventions in low-resource countries, epidemiology of mental disorders and HIV treatment

Michelle C. Carlson, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests: Real-world intervention design, mobile assessments, dementia prevention, cognitive and brain aging, independent function, social and lifestyle activity, physical activity, neighborhood factors

William Eaton, PhD
Research interests: Psychiatric epidemiology, schizophrenia, common mental disorders; sociology of mental disorders

M Daniele Fallin, PhD
Research interests: Applying genetic epidemiology methods to studies of neuropsychiatric disorders including autism, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder and to developing applications and methods for epigenetic epidemiology, particulary as applied to mental health and development.

Nicholas Ialongo, PhD
Research interests: School-based prevention interventions whose long term goals are educational and occupational success and the prevention of violence, substance abuse and mental disorders.

Brion Maher, PhD
Research interests: Psychiatric and behavioral genetics, substance use disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology

Tamar Mendelson, PhD
Research interests: Mindfulness-based preventive interventions; prevention of depression and promotion of resilience among under-served youth and adolescents; prevention of postpartum depression; perinatal mental health; cultural adaptation of interventions

Ramin Mojtabai, MD, PhD, MPH
Research interests: Unmet need for treatment in community settings, mental health treatment seeking, impairment in role functioning due to mental illness, pharmacoepidemiology of psychiatric drugs

Rashelle Musci, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests: Musci is a developmental methodologist with methods expertise in latent variable modeling, randomized control trials, integrating biological data into longitudinal models, and statistical data harmonization techniques. Her substantive focus is on prevention science and adolescent mental health, including suicide, externalizing behaviors, and substance use.

Adam Spira, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests: Aging, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, cognitive and functional decline

Elizabeth Stuart, PhD
Research interests: Stuart’s work focuses on the development of statistical methods for estimating causal effects and for handling data complexities such as missing data and multilevel data structures.This includes methods for non-experimental studies, such as investigating the effects of the federal mental health parity law and recent state opioid policies, as well as methods for designing and analyzing randomized experiments, including methods to assess their generalizability to target populations for decision-making

Holly Willcox, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests: Population-based research on suicidal behaviors, the evaluation of impact of community-based universal prevention programs targeting suicidal behaviors, and data linkage strategies to inform suicide prevention

Peter P. Zandi, PhD, MPH
Research interests: Genetic epidemiology of mood disorders, genetic epidemiology of dementia, pharmacoepidemiology and clinical trials of psychoactive drugs, pharmacogenetics of psychotropic medications, bioinformatics and medical informatics

Affiliated Faculty

Joseph Bienvenu, MD, PhD
Rosa Crum, MD, MPH
Kung Yee-Liang, PhD
Constantine Lyketsos, MD, MHS
Paul McHugh, MD
Gerald Nestadt, MD, MPH
Paul Nestadt, MD
Alan Romanoski, MD, MPH